This year the 6th of May lands on a weekend so we've gone one step further and are launching the Great Cornish Cake Bake Big Weekend. Judy Lawton is our Community Fundraiser, “Cake is at the heart of our fundraising efforts with coffee mornings and cream teas a staple of the annual events list, so we thought why not develop the theme and go for an all-out celebration. Three years ago we declared May 6th our annual Great Cornish Cake Bake Day and so far the bakers and cake eaters of Cornwall have helped us raise nearly £16,000.”

The concept is simple, host an event at which you sell cake. “It can be a coffee morning, a slice of cake sale in the office or a guess the weight of the cake competition at school” says Judy, “you choose and we can help too. You can make it a community gathering like they did at Illogan near Redruth where the organiser told me afterwards that everyone welcomed getting together for something other than a wedding or a funeral!   We’re also producing the Great Cornish Cake Bake Cake Book featuring handed down recipes and the personal stories of those who have provided them. We hope it will be on sale later this year.”

Some of the money raised helps fund the chefs who produce mouth-watering meals three times a day to help tempt seriously ill patients to eat. They go out of their way to encourage less than hungry people, sourcing a person’s favourite sorbet in one case and in another cooking a steak in a particular way. They also make the most delicious cakes, producing one recently for the young daughter of a patient so she didn’t miss out on the traditional celebration.

For those staying in the intensive care beds at Mount Edgcumbe and St Julia’s hospices, food is key and is often referred to in their comments. “The food is excellent, first class hotel food” wrote one patient. Another said “The food has stimulated my appetite.” Food is important to everyone and as the old adage says a little of what you fancy does you good.

To find out more and to sign up for this year’s Great Cornish Cake Bake Big Weekend contact Judy on 01726 66868 (option 3) or email  

The Great Cornish Cake Bake Big Weekend 2017 runs from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th May but you can hold your cake bake event on any day in May to suit you. We’ll provide you with posters, paper napkins, balloons, bunting and banners.