The Solicitor’s charges will usually be dependent upon the complexity of your affairs and the time taken to draw up your Will. Don’t be afraid to ask for an estimate in advance. It may help to obtain estimates from various local firms before deciding which one to use. The Law society have a list of Solicitors in your area. There may even be a reduced cost if you and your partner make matching Wills that leave the same property and possessions.

If you participating in our make a gift in your Will week our solicitors are kindly asking you to gift their fees to Cornwall Hospice care. They would normally charge between £250-£350 to write a Will. But during this week they suggest you kindly bring to your first meeting the amount you are going to donate and they suggest this is a minimum gift of £75 for a change to a Will (Codicil), £100 for a single Will and £150  for Mirror Wills ( for couple with similar wishes). This donation is in lieu of the solicitors fees, and should you wish to include a gift to our charity in your Will, we would be delighted to have your support.