The next chapter in Cornwall Hospice Care’s #HospiceStories project features a group of friends from North Cornwall, well known for their compelling repertoire of sea shanties and traditional Cornish songs. The Boscastle Buoys raise money for the Cornish charity in memory of a friend who died at Mount Edgcumbe Hospice in St Austell. So far they’ve collected more than £10,000.

The Boscastle Buoys formed around five years ago after a group of locals, mainly from the Boscastle area, discovered that as well as sharing a drink in the local pub, the Napoleon Inn, they also enjoyed singing.  Originally called the Boscastle Boys, they changed when one of their members came up with the idea of using the word ‘Buoy’ to represent a buoy in the sea, with Boscastle being a fishing village.

Their fame has grown and now as well as singing in their local pub, the Boscastle Buoys are also asked to perform at events throughout Cornwall, including the annual Royal Cornwall Show. One of the group, Roger, known as Rog, explains;

“We’re often asked to perform at venues and we say, well yes we can if we can bring the bucket along? We want to shake the bucket for Cornwall Hospice Care wherever we go.”

Another of the singers, Pete adds;

“We know that the Hospice is very compassionate, the staff that work there are exceptionally good carers and nurses and we just know that every penny, every pound that gets put in the bucket is put to a very good cause and used most efficiently. It’s channelled in the right direction and used at the sharp end for what is no doubt a wonderful quality of care.  You don’t have to go very far before you find somebody who’s had to go there or they know somebody that’s been treated at Mount Edgcumbe, it means a lot to people around here.”

Since starting to sing for Cornwall Hospice Care, the Boscastle Buoys have raised over £10,000 for the charity, which they are very proud of.  Pete says;

“We would like to say a big thank you to everybody who’s supported us since we’ve been raising money. We’ve collected a massive amount as a result and intend to continue supporting Cornwall Hospice Care, so please watch out for the pink bucket!”

Rose Beattie, Fundraising Manager for Cornwall Hospice Care, says the Boscastle Buoys are great supporters;

“They prove that you can have fun while raising money for a serious cause like ours and they believe in the work the nursing teams do at our two Cornish hospices. We truly appreciate their remembering us. All the money they raise comes from Cornwall and is then spent by us for and in Cornwall. It's a good Cornish partnership.”