Just over a month ago a flash flood caused havoc in Cornwall Hospice Care’s Camborne shop. Such was the damage that the Cornish charity had to close up so the store could be cleared, cleaned and refitted. Five weeks on and after a determined campaign to re-open, the shop started trading again today (Tuesday 25th October) after a 10am opening ceremony by local Mayor, Valerie Dalley.

Liz Woods is the Manager of Cornwall Hospice Care’s Camborne shop; 

“The flooding came in through the front and back doors, up through an internal drain in the stock room and down through the ceiling. We were attacked from every angle!  I believe the flood water reached two feet in places and the mess was shocking. We couldn’t have traded if we wanted to.”  

The shop that helps bring in vital money to fund the care the charity provides, opened in its present location back in 2005 and it’s popular with both the volunteer staff and the customers, as Liz explains; 

“We have two volunteers who’ve been with the charity for 25 years and we know many of our customers who pop in on a regular basis to look for bargains. I hope they’ll love the newly refitted shop, which does look fantastic. I’d also like to say a massive thank you to all the volunteers who’ve offered to help whilst the clean-up and all the repairs were going on.  It was good to know the support was there and that people wanted to see us get back on our feet.”