George has been living with cancer for years and for the last four it’s been with support from the team at Cornwall Hospice Care.   He’s the latest person to tell his story to help others understand the importance of the Cornish charity to patients over the age of 18 and their families. 

George, who works for Cornish retail firm Trago Mills, was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, a condition that he was told he wouldn’t survive for more than two years. That was four years ago and George says the extra time has come thanks to the team of people who support him, including staff at Mount Edgcumbe Hospice in St Austell;

 “The support from everyone, including work, has helped. But the hospice is like my second home. Both my medical and mental needs are addressed, so without the hospice I don’t think I would be here today. It’s knowing you’ve got that massive support behind you that takes the fear away and gives you more opportunity to fight the illness, and the confidence to face it.  They worry about what’s round the corner so you can face the day, and I take every day as it comes and enjoy myself as much as I can.”

In a short video that captures George’s passion for sailing, he talks of his personal battle with cancer and of the support he and his family receive from the team at Cornwall Hospice Care. In his written story (see attached) he says;

“When we first went to Mount Edgcumbe Hospice my wife Chris, found the nicest thing was that she could leave her work in Truro and order a meal and then drive up and we could sit and eat together and that meant a lot to us both.  My wider family think it’s a marvellous place too because when we are there we can all relax and be ourselves while others worry about my care.”

“I don’t feel angry about the disease. I’m annoyed it wasn’t picked up early but that’s history, but without this illness I wouldn’t have met these wonderful people. Before my cancer I didn’t realise there were such caring people around who want to help, who want to be here for folk like me. It’s a privilege to know them and I also know the hospice is where I hope, and want, to complete my journey.” 

The Cornwall Hospice Care website is featuring a different story every two weeks for a year at The stories also appear on the charity’s social media channels and it’s hoped others will be inspired to share their experiences and to support the charity.

You can see George telling his story on his boat below:

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