Cornwall Hospice Care’s lottery has reached an exciting milestone with a £9,000 rollover up for grabs. The weekly draw offers a guaranteed £1000 prize every seven days, but there’s also a rollover which grows by £200 for each week that it isn’t won. The next draw will be on Friday 11th March.

The last big rollover winner in the Cornwall Hospice Care lottery was Grandmother Mrs Kate Triniman of Redruth who won £10,000 back in September 2014. Last April Falmouth Mum of two, Lowenna Collins, celebrated when she scooped the rollover at £5,400.

Sarah Vincent is the charity’s Lottery Manager;

“It’s so exciting when our lottery rollover reaches such a high figure. It can only grow to £10,000 so we’re very close to the limit now and someone is in for a real treat. Just imagine what you could spend £9,000 on. A holiday perhaps, a car or maybe a treat for your family. And there’s the feel good factor knowing you are supporting a lottery that raises 6% of the income needed to fund the specialist care we provide for patients and their families.”

“Tickets are on sale at all Cornwall Hospice Care shops across Cornwall or you can call our Lottery Office on 01726 66868. Tickets are just £1 each so it’s well worth a try and just think, it might be you wondering what to do with a £9,000 windfall – imagine that!”

The guaranteed first prize each week in the Cornwall Hospice Care Lottery is £1,000, with a further prize of £50 and 50 prizes of £5. Tickets cost just £1 each.

Cornwall Hospice Care’s Lottery Manager and Lowenna Collins of Falmouth again pictured (right) with Sarah Vincent.

Kate Triniman of Redruth, pictured (right) with Sarah Vincent, Cornwall Hospice Care’s Lottery Manager