It’s equal to the biggest total the charity’s rollover has ever reached. Yet again there wasn't a winner for the main prize when the weekly draw took place this morning. The total can climb up to a massive £10,000 if the rollover continues. The next draw will take place on Friday 1 August.

The charity's weekly lottery draw offers a top prize of £1,000 but the rollover amount can accumulate, starting at £200 and reaching a maximum total of £10,000. Sarah Vincent is the Lottery Manager for Cornwall Hospice Care;

"The rollover has today equalled the highest total we've ever reached and that’s very exciting for us and for whoever eventually becomes the lucky winner. The last time we got to this figure was in January of 2012 when the rollover was won by Mrs Helen Patrick who at the time was living in St Dennis. If it doesn’t go next week we are then in new territory with a rollover that will rise to a massive £8,800. Just imagine what you could do with that sort of money.”

“You've only got to invest a pound to play our lottery and that will buy you one ticket for the draw, but often supporters play weekly, monthly or even annually. You could win the rollover, the weekly top prize of £1,000 or the other prizes of £50 or £5. This week the smaller prizes went to people spread right across Cornwall from Penzance to Liskeard and we even had a winner across the Tamar in Honiton, Devon."

"All the money raised through our lottery, around £200,000 a year, helps Cornwall Hospice Care provide special care for adults aged 18 and over at our two hospices at Mount Edgcumbe in St Austell and St Julia's in Hayle, care they receive totally free of charge. It means all the money raised by our charity lottery stays in Cornwall thanks to our lottery supporters."

To join the Cornwall Hospice Care lottery call 01726 66868 or visit

Meanwhile, Cornwall Hospice Care have now designed a special car wrap promoting the lottery. The design, which was developed by Amy Barnie who works in the charity’s fundraising department, has been put on to one of the existing Cornwall Hospice Care Peugeot cars.