A song from St Gennys and a moving story in support of Cornwall Hospice Care 

 One man and his dog from St Gennys near Bude are the latest duo to share a very personal story for Cornwall Hospice Care. As part of the charity’s #HospiceStories project, Jon Venner and Jasmine are featured in a short film that launches on Monday 16th March. Jon talks about his late wife, Kim, the song he wrote in her memory and the dog that keeps him going. The story also coincides with the charity opening a second shop in Bude to help raise vital funds.

As Jon says in his personal account, he and his wife Kim fitted well together so it was a devastating blow when Kim faced cancer.  Ultimately they found themselves visiting Mount Edgcumbe Hospice in St Austell, as Jon explains;

“Kim went downhill really quickly and she went in to the hospice originally, just for pain relief. The hospice went from being the scariest word you could hear in the world, to being something that was just safe. Safe is the word that you most feel. The teams there made the unbearable bearable.”

“Kim’s cancer went to her brain and she ended up in the hospital for a while. It never stops there, all night and all day, it just never stops. And when we went back to the hospice it was like getting back to the safest and most peaceful place you can imagine.  The other big thing for me was that Jasmine could go to the hospice so we could be a family in Kim's room, and having the dog there makes such a tremendous amount of difference.”

Kim passed away last May and towards the end of last year Jon suddenly found himself writing a song in her memory;

“I woke in the middle of the night from a dream about a poem. My dreams are normally vague and go the same way as most peoples, forgotten by the morning, but for some reason that night, while still half asleep, I picked up my phone and recited it to the recorder app. In the morning I wasn’t sure if I’d dreamt the whole thing but there it was, recorded at 3.12am. Apart from one or two words that didn’t quite work it was exactly as it reads on the poem page of my website at www.songforkim.co.uk

“It was such a strange and moving thing to happen that it got me wondering how I might put it to some use. My first thoughts were that perhaps I might raise a few pounds for Mount Edgcumbe Hospice who cared so wonderfully for Kim during her last days, maybe by framing it up and selling a copy or two. I’d been pondering on this for a while when I woke on another morning vaguely remembering that I’d recorded another dream during the night and there it was, 3.15am, two verses of a song!”

Ultimately Jon recorded the song and he’s now selling copies through his website to raise funds for Cornwall Hospice Care. He says the project made a huge difference, moving him on in his grieving;

“For about a month the song I wrote for Kim was absolutely everything. It let so many emotions out.  I talked to people I wouldn’t normally have spoken to about it because now I was talking about the song and not Kim going.”