Liana Clough from Truro has just had the surprise of her life, winning £4,000 on the Cornwall Hospice Care Lottery. The rollover prize was handed to her during a surprise presentation at the charity’s Truro Department Store today (Monday 26th June).

Liana signed up as a regular player of the charity’s lottery 15 months ago knowing that each week there’s a £1,000 winner, a £50 prize and 50 chances to win a fiver. There’s also a rollover which grows by £200 each week, rising to a total of £10,000 if not won along the way.

On Friday 23rd July Liana’s number came up but her Mum Lynette kept the secret of how much the prize total was so that Sarah Vincent, Cornwall Hospice Care’s Lottery Manager could surprise Liana face to face today. It turns out she’s been an avid computer game player for 11 years and has recently been saving to attend a gaming convention in London this September. After Sarah presented her with the money a tearful Liana said, “That’s just amazing. It’s wonderful, wonderful timing. Thank you so much.”

Sarah Vincent said after the emotional presentation, “It was lovely to hear of Liana’s plans and to know this win has made a big difference to her. All this celebration for just £1 a line! In the last financial year our lottery contributed £192,500 towards the cost of the care we provide to patients with terminal illnesses and their families.”  

The picture shows Liana Clough (right) with her Mum, Lynette at Cornwall Hospice Care’s Truro Department Store.

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