We open Day 22 to the 22nd April 2018.

On this date 18 runners will put on green and pink running vests and run the Virgin London Marathon in aid of Cornwall Hospice Care.

In 2017 the 23 runners for Cornwall Hopsice Care collectively raised £73,279! This funded the entire provision of care at Mount Edgcumbe Hospice and St Julia’s Hospice for a whole week!

See more information on 2017’s success here. 

Jane's Story

“… we were heading for the start line – we’d made it! The atmosphere at this point was electric, and after the countdown we were off! Sort of! You know when you watch it on the telly – all those people waiting to cross the line?? Yep – we were almost at the back!

It took Leanne and me 23 minutes to get across the start but then we really were off!! The crowds were amazing – cheering everyone, shouting our names in encouragement! There were people having barbeques in their gardens, pubs spilling out into the road, playing music and doing their own commentaries. I saw one or two faces I knew along the way – fellow runners with Cornwall Hospice Care.

At mile 7 I saw the familiar Cornish and St Austell Running Club flags – it was so nice to hear some familiar voices cheering me on! The crowds cheering you keeps you going but it’s such a boost when it’s someone you know! My next focus was to see my family and friends at mile 9 where they were hoping to spot us, unfortunately I missed them but started looking out for Tower Bridge after that.

The miles were clocking up, and I was still feeling strong but knew the toughest was yet to come. I’d passed the half way mark but there was still a long way to go. I started to feel tired at 19 miles but rounded a corner and saw our very own Head of Fundraising, Oli waving and cheering so rewarded him with a sweaty high-5! This spurred me on, feeling positive and energised I put my head down and tackled the last 6 miles.

At 23 miles I started to feel as though it might never end but was suddenly aware of a frenzied cheering of my name. I looked left and saw the most amazing sight – my partner, Richard, my Dad and a load of my friends holding what can only be described as a scarecrow decorated in a Cornish flag holding a banner made by my 7 year old son! What a boost!

The next 2 miles are a bit of a blur, but before I knew it the 25 mile marker was above my head and I was in tears! It’s such an emotional day, and the crowds were literally going nuts at this point! I gave it my all and knew I had less than 10 minutes of running left. As I approached the finish line I couldn’t believe I’d made it and I went across (crying, obviously!)…”

Jane is a Community Fundraiser for Cornwall Hospice Care.

This year she took on the London Marathon.

Pictured below (left) with fellow Cornwall Hospice Care runner Leanne.