We open door 24 to the 24 hour a day, seven days a week care that we provide at our two hospices. Our clinical teams work all hours at both St Julia’s Hospice and Mount Edgcumbe Hospice to deliver quality care no matter what the day or hour.

We also operate a 24/7 Healthcare Professional Helpline that allows Healthcare Professionals access to our specialist expertise.


Lizzie Hotton, Ward Sister at Mount Edgcumbe had this to say

“Within the hospices care to our patients extends over a 24 hour period. Staff are here day and night giving care and support to patients, addressing physical and psychological needs and supporting their families and friends. We accept admissions all year round, including weekends and overnight.

Christmas is a special time and we try to make it a home from home environment for our patients. We have carol singing, festive food, Christmas services and Father Christmas delivers stockings for Christmas morning.”