Legacies are vital to Cornwall Hospice Care. The gifts people leave our charity in their Wills bring in nearly a fifth of the money we need to fund the specialist care we offer. One person who never forgot experiencing one of our hospices, was Win Hawkin-Leverton who showed her appreciation by remembering us in her Will. Here her cousin Bill Cleave who lives in St Teath, talks about Win…

We were cousins but she was more like a sister to me because we spent quite a bit of time together. Christmas time we used to go and get the Christmas tree and she would carry it home because she was a bit older than me. Sometimes it was windy and the tree would drag her about and I would laugh and she would get in a temper.

When she left school at 14 she came back to work on the farm and at 21 she got married. She used to rear turkeys and she’d also take in holidaymakers. Most of the people that stayed became her friends.

Later in life she loved her church, her Conservatives and the gardening club. When her husband died she sold the house and bought an old barn from my Dad which she renovated. She had fantastic gardens and she did it all herself. In part of the gardens there was an old railway track from the Launceston to Padstow line and she had a railway bridge in the middle.

She used to have garden parties for Camelford Young Farmers and the church, she really lived life to the full. When she was home she looked a bit like a tramp, but really she loved parties and dressing up.

When my brother Frank had a brain tumour she nursed him. He went to the hospice a couple of times but he died at home because Win wanted to care for him. She fell in love with the hospice because we all used to go and see my brother and as well as the care, everyone was so friendly.

My son Andrew was taken ill with a brain tumour as well, and was in the hospice for about a month before he passed away and again everyone was lovely. I always feel guilty though, because I used to lean on Win a bit not knowing she was ill too, with skin cancer. I miss her and I miss her daily phone calls, she would ring every morning to check I was ok. Her family and friends also miss her very dearly.

I wasn’t surprised when I discovered Win had left a gift to Cornwall Hospice Care in her Will. I know she was impressed by the care given to my brother and my son and she clearly didn’t forget that. I also know that her legacy will make a difference to other families facing similar illnesses and in a way that keeps her memory alive too.