Last week was the Royal Cornwall Show (We can’t believe it’s been a week already)! We had another wonderful 3 days – our pop-up shop on stand 356 was incredibly popular and our fundraisers had a great time meeting so many people, as guests of Atkins Ferrie Wealth Management Ltd on stand 402. Thank you to everyone who helped out, bought something or popped in for a chat. Also congratulations to the 3 winners of a free place on our Firewalk event in October.

The PR and Comms team attended the show across the 3 days promoting our Pass it on before you pass away campaign, meeting with various corporate supporters and working on the shop stand.


Megan had this to say “I arrived at our retail stand at 8am on the first day of the show to a man peering through the windows on our marquee eyeing up the goods on sale! I was greeted by a smiling retail team and after a few hellos we opened up the marquee. Within minutes there were customers browsing the rails, arms full of clothing and queues starting outside the changing rooms!

I left the retail tent to visit some Cornwall Hospice Care supporters with our Finance Director and when I returned it was even busier! The flow of customers didn’t let up all day even when Prince Charles was 10 metres away the till continued to ring!”

Jan was at the show on the Friday. “Friday morning was my opportunity ‘to do my bit’ on our pop-up retail shop at the Royal Cornwall Show.  I was joined by Tracy Stokes, our Wadebridge Lifestyle shop manager, Katie Hewitt from our Lottery Team and Emily Ould, one of our Retail Relief managers.  Our Retail Management team of Rob, Justine and Frazer were also there too, keeping everything ticking over, talking to customers and keeping the whole shop well stocked and tidy.

Having all got to grips with our Cybertills over the past months, we took a step back in time at the show using stand-alone cash registers which took a little getting used to!  We quickly organised ourselves into a very slick operation, one person ringing items through the till whilst another bagged things.  Katie told us she was keen to promote the Lottery Scratchcards at the show and that the team had sold 51 on show day one – so our little team set ourselves a mission to sell more Scratchcards than day 1.  Our customers really took to the idea of adding a £1 to their shop, with a chance to get an instant win from £1 up to £1000 – so the scratchcards were flying out of the tills!

As the morning went on the shop became busier and busier – mind you our stand was in a great position once again this year, just up from the main showground entrance.  The morning passed by in a blur of tweed and ladies-wear and before I knew it, it was lunchtime.  The till readings proved what we’d hoped that we’d had a successful morning, and we totalled up to find we’d also sold 51 Lottery Scratchcards in just that morning – we’d beaten the first day’s total already – what a team!

I really enjoyed my shift in the shop and I’d recommend it to anyone if you’re offered the chance to help out.”

Tamsin volunteered in the show shop on Saturday and had this to add “It was my turn to volunteer on our retail stand on the Saturday of the show and a chance to get behind the counter again. I was excited, it’s such a good opportunity to meet people and as a kid I always wanted to run a shop, a vegetable shop as it happens or at least one with a till!

I was paired up with volunteers Veronica from our Tintagel shop and Trisha from Wadebridge and we were laughing and chatting almost instantaneously.   We worked as a team, ringing in the sales, folding the purchased goods and packing bags, all under the watchful eyes of the experts, Rob and Justine who were on call when we panicked over a card payment or rang in the wrong amount.

Four hours literally shot by thanks to a steady stream of customers, coffee and cake and mid afternoon a torrential downpour.  As the first drops of rain hit the ground Veronica leapt from behind the counter, grabbed an armful of waterproofs and shouted “We’ve got coats” and her actions paid off. A deluge of shoppers came in buying children’s macs, waxed jackets and full length coats. Imagine what we could have done with umbrella sales!  When my shift ended I didn’t really want to go but a fundraising concert in the evening beckoned, so with reluctance I left with the tills still ringing behind me.

What a great show it was!  Not long now until we start planning for 2019 though……