A blog by Megan O’Connell, Marketing and Promotions Officer at Cornwall Hospice Care.

On Friday 2nd February I spent the day working at our new Wadebridge Retro shop, (our new old shop). This was part of our PR and Communications team “A day in the life of…” project and I feel very privileged to have been at Wadebridge Retro’s birth.

I arrived at 9.45am (15 minutes late as when I calculated the time of my journey I didn’t add in the tractors). I met Tracy, Leanne and Justine as they prepped the shop for it’s 11am launch. I was so impressed with how amazing the shop looked!

My first task for the day was simple “please go to the Lifestyle shop and ask for some string to tie the balloons”. An easy start to my day in retail – off I went to the Lifestyle shop a few doors up to introduce myself to the staff and volunteers!

String gathered and I was on to my next task – a crate of donated CDs and a strip of £1.00 entertainment stickers. I had to open in each case and check it a) had a CD in and b) had the correct CD in! Christmas songs with Julie Andrews put aside I soon filled the CD display with albums from Mozart to Radiohead.

At 10.30am the van arrived with donated goods from the warehouse, a nest of tables, a small cabinet and boxes of bric-a-brac.

10.55am there’s a keen customer at the door, she knocks and I signal that we open in 5 minutes.

10.59am I’ve taken a photo of Tracy and Leanne smiling behind the till just before we open the doors to the public.

11.01am there are 5 customers already browsing in the shop! The lady who knocked likes a bag in the window display and 2 gentleman head straight for the vinyl’s and determinedly rummage through.

Customers browse through the shop for the rest of the day and I go out the back with Justine, the Business Development Manager that covers Wadebridge Retro and Lifestyle alongside 12 other Cornwall Hospice Care shops. We sort through several boxes of donated goods, cleaning vases, checking clocks are working and determine their value on the shop floor.

These four items have been donated by someone that has selected to Gift Aid. This means we can reclaim 25% of the sale price back from HMRC. So the £3.00 jug will actually be worth £3.75 to us when it sells.

I ask Tracy the manager of both Wadebridge Lifestyle and Wadebridge Retro how you know the value of a donated item and she tells me it comes with experience, instinct and sometimes google!

Audrey is by far the quirkiest find of the day, I’m as delicate as possible whilst tagging her in the hope it would prevent her from haunting me (she hasn’t!) and I let Justine value her because in all honesty I’m not sure what a person would pay for her… £3.50 is the answer if you’re wondering.

All the items are priced and back in boxes ready to go on the shop floor so I decided to take on the £20 challenge! This is a bit harder in the retro shop as there is a smaller range of clothes to choose from compared with our Community and Lifestyle shops but I absolutely love the outfit I put together for £10.50! And I also love the pink changing room!

I resisted temptation (this time) and put the clothes back on their hangers so they can find new homes but I did buy Tamsin, our Head of PR and Communications “The Little Book of Land Rover” to add to her collection.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day with the Wadebridge Retro team and look forward to my next ‘Day in the life of’.