I find New Year a time for reflection.  Sometimes the memories are difficult and sad, but somehow there are always positive things to consider.  For me 2017 was the year that we began a journey to reach more people with terminal illnesses without them needing to visit one of our hospices.  We opened two Neighbourhood Hubs in Wadebridge and Penzance and have plans to develop more this year.  Our aim is to bring our specialist knowledge and care to many more people across Cornwall and closer to home.  We’ll also be introducing volunteer led Open House meetings in Cornish communities that will provide companionship, support and information.  So please keep in touch with us and thank you for helping us to fund these exciting new developments that I know will flourish in 2018.

Pub Bolonjedh Da rag an Vledhen Nowydh – All good wishes for the New Year.

Dawn Tame-Battell, Director of Patient Services


I appreciate that Christmas can be a difficult time of year. The festivities can trigger memories of loved ones who have died and with families gathering, it can be a lonely time for some who are missing others. At the hospices we provide our care to our patients and their families 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Today we’ll be doing what we do every day, providing specialist care and support, and for those who are well enough, a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. So our thoughts are with you all today and thank you for helping us to make a difference to people with terminal illnesses and their families. We couldn’t do what we do in our hospices and in the Cornish community, without your dedicated support and friendship.

Gorhemynadow a’n Seson – Season’s Greetings.

Gemma Ayling – Head of Care


We open door 24 to the 24 hour a day, seven days a week care that we provide at our two hospices. Our clinical teams work all hours at both St Julia’s Hospice and Mount Edgcumbe Hospice to deliver quality care no matter what the day or hour.

We also operate a 24/7 Healthcare Professional Helpline that allows Healthcare Professionals access to our specialist expertise.


Lizzie Hotton, Ward Sister at Mount Edgcumbe had this to say

“Within the hospices care to our patients extends over a 24 hour period. Staff are here day and night giving care and support to patients, addressing physical and psychological needs and supporting their families and friends. We accept admissions all year round, including weekends and overnight.

Christmas is a special time and we try to make it a home from home environment for our patients. We have carol singing, festive food, Christmas services and Father Christmas delivers stockings for Christmas morning.”

Door 23 opens today to reveal Joan, another of our long-serving volunteers, having given us her time for the past 23 years.

Joan helps as a Ward Volunteer at our Mount Edgcumbe Hospice, tending flowers, serving drinks and meals and helping wherever there’s a need.

Joan says “After my husband died in 1992 a friend of mine who was a volunteer here said “why not give it a try?”.  Since then I have met a lot of new friends and many patients I have known since I was a child, having been born less than a mile from here.  Hopefully I will be able to carry on for a little longer even though I’m 85, providing the old bones stay firm!”


As well as roles at our two hospices, we have lots of other opportunities for anyone who has thought about volunteering.  We have lots of roles at our community Neighbourhood Hubs, in our shops across the county, in our warehouse or helping our van drivers and in our administration offices and if you have particular skills we will try to match you to something you enjoy.

Joan has a regular ward shift that she works, but we know it can often be difficult to give a regular commitment so we also welcome those who help from time to time at our fundraising events, supermarket store collections or through our Fundraising Support Groups around Cornwall.

Watch just a few of our amazing volunteers

Volunteers are at the very heart of Cornwall Hospice Care and without them we simply would not be able to run our hospices. Our 1,000 volunteers come from all backgrounds, and give incredibly valuable support across a wide range of different activities, from welcoming visitors in the hospice to helping with house clearances. All volunteers help us provide the highest possible level of care for our patients and their families and carers.

Find out more about volunteering for us HERE or why not call our Volunteer Services Coordinator for a chat on 01726 65711.

We open Day 22 to the 22nd April 2018.

On this date 18 runners will put on green and pink running vests and run the Virgin London Marathon in aid of Cornwall Hospice Care.

In 2017 the 23 runners for Cornwall Hopsice Care collectively raised £73,279! This funded the entire provision of care at Mount Edgcumbe Hospice and St Julia’s Hospice for a whole week!

See more information on 2017’s success here. 

Jane's Story

“… we were heading for the start line – we’d made it! The atmosphere at this point was electric, and after the countdown we were off! Sort of! You know when you watch it on the telly – all those people waiting to cross the line?? Yep – we were almost at the back!

It took Leanne and me 23 minutes to get across the start but then we really were off!! The crowds were amazing – cheering everyone, shouting our names in encouragement! There were people having barbeques in their gardens, pubs spilling out into the road, playing music and doing their own commentaries. I saw one or two faces I knew along the way – fellow runners with Cornwall Hospice Care.

At mile 7 I saw the familiar Cornish and St Austell Running Club flags – it was so nice to hear some familiar voices cheering me on! The crowds cheering you keeps you going but it’s such a boost when it’s someone you know! My next focus was to see my family and friends at mile 9 where they were hoping to spot us, unfortunately I missed them but started looking out for Tower Bridge after that.

The miles were clocking up, and I was still feeling strong but knew the toughest was yet to come. I’d passed the half way mark but there was still a long way to go. I started to feel tired at 19 miles but rounded a corner and saw our very own Head of Fundraising, Oli waving and cheering so rewarded him with a sweaty high-5! This spurred me on, feeling positive and energised I put my head down and tackled the last 6 miles.

At 23 miles I started to feel as though it might never end but was suddenly aware of a frenzied cheering of my name. I looked left and saw the most amazing sight – my partner, Richard, my Dad and a load of my friends holding what can only be described as a scarecrow decorated in a Cornish flag holding a banner made by my 7 year old son! What a boost!

The next 2 miles are a bit of a blur, but before I knew it the 25 mile marker was above my head and I was in tears! It’s such an emotional day, and the crowds were literally going nuts at this point! I gave it my all and knew I had less than 10 minutes of running left. As I approached the finish line I couldn’t believe I’d made it and I went across (crying, obviously!)…”

Jane is a Community Fundraiser for Cornwall Hospice Care.

This year she took on the London Marathon.

Pictured below (left) with fellow Cornwall Hospice Care runner Leanne.


We open door 21 to 21 Christmas Dinners served at both our hospices to patients and their family on Christmas Day 2016.

At both St Julia’s Hospice and Mount Edgcumbe Hospice we endeavour to create a festive atmosphere where patients can enjoy Christmas day with their loved ones. A part of the home from home for Christmas is the traditional roast with all the trimmings.

Cornwall Hospice Care’s Chefs come from various professional backgrounds ranging from London restaurants to working for Padstow’s finest. They all bring a high quality touch to the food they produce.

Every effort is made to use local quality produce from local suppliers, meat from award winning butchers Kittows, dairy from Trewithen and fruit and veg from West Country.

All the food at the hospices is made fresh daily – even the cakes baked for the afternoon teas!

Great pride is taken in the food produced at both hospices, it’s a very personal affair where the chefs get to know the patients, their needs and likes. It’s vital that our patients can trust the chefs as it can be a difficult time when it comes to eating. Getting quality meals that they can enjoy can encourage patients to eat more.


Day 20 – only 20% funding comes from the NHS.

It costs over £5 million to provide the specialist care we offer to our patients and their families in our two hospices, in Cornwall’s hospitals, care homes and at our community Neighbourhood Hubs.  Only 20% of this is funded through a contribution from Cornwall’s NHS Commissioners.  The other £4 million is raised via your support.

It is thanks to those that leave us legacies, support our fundraising events, play our lottery and shop with us that we can provide our quality care, so to each and every one of you thank you!


Day 19 of our #Advent Calendar gives us the chance to say thank you to the 19 different solicitors across Cornwall who kindly gave their time as part of Cornwall Hospice Care’s annual Make A Will Week during 2017.

Make A Will Week takes place each May.  During this week, selected solicitors will waive their fee for writing your Will in exchange for it to be donated to us.

Make A Will Week 2018 will run from 14th to 20th May 2018.  Full details will be available on our website soon.

Watch our short film below about the Teagle family and how important making a Will can be to loved ones and to charities like ours.

Make A Will Week 2017

Meet Jenny.  She is one of our ward volunteers at our St Julia’s Hospice and has been giving her time for us for the past 17 years.

When she’s not busy tending to flowers, serving meals and drinks and chatting to patients, Jenny also finds the time to organise Coffee Mornings, collect at local supermarkets and sell our Christmas cards and soft toys.

Jenny had this to say about volunteering for us

“When I retired from full time employment in 1998 my aim was to make a contribution to society rather than spending all my time on leisure activities.   I didn’t plan on becoming quite as busy as I have but that is neither here nor there.   One of the things I decided to do was volunteer to work at St Julia’s Hospice and I have been there for the past seventeen years.    As I had worked behind a desk all my life I chose to work on the ward so as to be with people and my only hope is that I have been of help if only to offer a word of sympathy or brighten a patient’s day because I have found that when you set out to give you often receive more in return and I have certainly been rewarded by meeting some wonderful people and making some lovely friends.”

Cornwall Hospice Care is supported by over 1000 volunteers across our hospices, hubs, shops, offices and warehouses and we just couldn’t do what we do without them.

If you feel you have time to give and would consider volunteering, why not find out more about what roles might suit you.  Click HERE to see more about the different volunteering roles we have.


Watch Jane’s story below – Jane is another of our hospice ward volunteers and you can hear why she enjoys giving her time to us in her short film.

Watch Jane's story

Our two hospices at Mount Edgcumbe, St Austell and St Julia’s, Hayle have 16 intensive care beds between the 2 units, which are at the heart of the specialist palliative care that we provide.


Most patients will come into our units, having been referred by their GP or other healthcare professional, because they are having a difficult time with particular symptoms, or the overall impact of their illness.  We know that the idea of coming to the hospice can be a scary one, so that’s why we do all we can to make all stays as comfortable and easy as possible for both our patients and their friends and family.

As well as our beds, we have plenty of quiet rooms where you have time to sit and talk plus facilities to make drinks or grab a quick snack.  Our Catering teams at both hospices are also there to provide nutritious meals for all diets and “a little bit of what you fancy” as the saying goes.

You can get a flavour and a feel for what great facilities we have at our hospices, as well as help to allay any fears someone may have about what it’s like to step through our doors for the first time by watching our Virtual Tour short films at the bottom of this page.

Find out more about the care we provide on our website HERE.

St Julia's Hospice Tour

Mount Edgcumbe Hospice Tour