A Codicil can be used to make specific and straightforward changes to an existing Will, such as replacing an executor or adding a new gift, while leaving the remaining instructions untouched.

If you wish to make a number of changes to your Will or your circumstances have changed, you may need to consider writing a new Will. We would recommend you contact a solicitor to ensure you receive the correct professional advice as your Will and any Codicil are legal documents. 

If you wish to simply add a cash gift to Cornwall Hospice Care in your Will you can use a Codicil form to do this. Again, please consult with your solicitor before completing the form. Please do not write on or amend your current Will as it could become invalid.

A Codicil can be completed at any time and, like a Will, it becomes a legal document when it is signed, in the presence of two adult witnesses who, at your request and in the presence of each other, add their names to the document as witnesses. The codicil should remain with your Will at all times and be kept in a safe place.

Below are five simple steps you might find helpful when filling in the Codicil form (see sample Codicil form from the link below.):

  1. Fill in your name and address, together with the amount of your gift, in the relevant space. Do not sign or date the Codicil at this point.
  2. Ask two adults [aged 18 or over] to act as your witnesses. Your witnesses may be related to one another; however, they must not be related to you or should not themselves, or through their spouses, receive any benefit from your Will or the Codicil.
  3. In the presence of your witnesses, insert the date of the Codicil and sign your name.
  4. In the presence of each other, the witnesses must then sign the Codicil and state their name, address and occupation. The Codicil must be completed at the same time by all three adults in each other’s presence. Anyone suffering from a disability that could prevent them from understanding what they are signing is not eligible as a witness. 
  5. Keep the Codicil form with your Will at all times and in a safe place. Do not staple or pin the form to your Will.
Download a Codicil form here.

If you would like to find out more about leaving a gift or legacy to Cornwall Hospice Care in your Will, please contact:

Legacy Manager: Debbie Henshaw,

Telephone: 01726 874065

Email: dhenshaw@cornwallhospice.co.uk

Address: Cornwall Hospice Care Legacy Dept. Daniels Lane, Holmbush, St Austell, PL25 3HS