As well as selling in our shops, we also have a presence in the online shopping world, with eBay, Amazon and Abebooks.


New goods

Click here to visit our New goods eBay shop.

Pre-loved goods

We often have some little gems that are donated to our shops and our eagle eyed volunteers are experts at spotting these items. These items are listed on our eBay shop, which offers anything and everything that potentially has a value above what we could expect in the shops. Some of the more unusual items need a larger audience in which to find a buyer, such as gold, silver, vintage items & curios along with toys, games, paintings and china. We have even sold a full size gas cooker!!!

Click here to visit our Pre-loved goods eBay shop.

We use Amazon to sell a range of books, music CD's & Vinyl, DVD's & Blue Ray, video games, talking books and the occasional rare VHS Tape. Click here to visit our Amazon shop.

AbeBooks is a global online marketplace for thousands of booksellers worldwide and it is here we sell any rare or antiquarian books that are donated or uncovered at a house clearance. Click here to visit our AbeBooks shop.

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