Your Passport

The Learning path is supported by a hand held passport. This can be obtained from the learning path link for your organisation. The passport provides a guide to the sessions you will need to complete, and the ‘One chance to get it right’ learning objectives that they link to.

The passport also provides a place for you to store the evidence of your learning. This will include your e-ELCA certificates, your evidence of face to face learning alongside evidence of reflective practice.

There are three downloadable inserts available on this webpage. The ‘Learning log’ will help you to record the range of your learning activity.

To complete the Learning path you will need to undertake two reflective accounts. The first reflective account will relate to your clinical practice, focusing on resilience. The second reflective account will consider the experience of undertaking the Learning path. This should be completed following a discussion with a Learning path buddy, this can be the Learning path link within for your organisation, or a colleague who has previously completed the Learning path. This joint reflection provides a valuable opportunity to consider and question what has been learned during the e-ELCA sessions.

The ‘Evidence sheet’ enables you to detail any additional activity or e-learning you may wish to capture. This might be useful for any future revalidation or continuing professional development.