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The Camel to Castle Cycling Challenge

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Event Details

2nd October 2019
Event type:
Treks and Challenges
Moderate - Training Required
Fees and sponsorship requirements:
Option A - Registration fee £149 + Minimum sponsorship £1,960
Option B - Registration fee £149 + Self funding £980
Contact details:
Oliver Hoare 01726 66868 (opt 3)
Prideaux Place, Prideaux Place, Padstow, PL28 8RP
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***Just announced*** a self fund option is now available. You can now pay for your place and fundraise for your own target.


Also, £50 off registration with the code: CHC50OFF


Château des duc de Bretagne, is the jewel at the heart of Nantes, the largest city in Northwestern France. The Château, secluded by fortress walls and its own moat, are an imposing, yet welcoming finish to Cornwall Hospice Care’s Camel to Castle Cycling Challenge where the cyclists will finish in the walled courtyard.

The five day trip limited to just 50 cyclists, will start from the magnificent Prideaux Place, Padstow at the mouth of the River Camel, traversing Cornwall from West to East. The route explores the beauty of Cornwall on day one before an overnight ferry crossing to France where the challenge features much of the famous La Vélodyssée, the Atlantic cycling route as we head south to Nantes and ultimately completing a total of 280 miles to France.

Join us for the truly unique and bespoke once in a lifetime trip to help fund the care our charity provides to patients with terminal illnesses in Cornwall.

Can you do it? Yes you can!

A good level of fitness is required for this challenge. You will need to train, however remember that although the distances are larger, you have all day to cycle the distance.

See the route
What Will it be Like?

In 2017 we ran a very similar event. The video on the left side of this page documented our travels.

Also, Darren Uren, one of our cyclists penned this detailed blog about his experiences.

What Happens Next?

We’ll be with you every step of the way in your preparation for your Camel to Castle Cycling Challenge. In just a few simple steps you can join our team and support Cornwall Hospice Care.

1. On the link above sign up today, with our trusted delivery partners Skyline who are working with us to organise and run the Camel to Castle Cycling Challenge.

2. You will receive confirmation of your place from Skyline, which will also trigger acknowledgement to us and in turn we will then mail your Fundraising Pack to you. You will be linked with the Cornwall Hospice Care event lead responsible for your event throughout your training and on the challenge.

3. We will send you regular updates with fundraising information, training guides etc.

4. We will hold a tech evening for the cycle, to learn how to maintain your bike on the road, i.e. punctures and loose handlebars etc.

5. Any fundraising support you need, we will be on hand to help either in person, over the phone or on email.

6. Before your departure you will need to provide insurance information and complete a health questionnaire with Skyline in the riders area on their website – this is on behalf of Cornwall Hospice Care.

7. Once the route recognisance has been completed we will share this with you and can give rough estimates for you if friends and family wish to cheer you on from certain points. We will provide final details  in advance of the departure re. start meeting point and provisions there.

8. Finally enjoy the challenge!

Why support Cornwall Hospice Care?

Every year it costs over £5 million to provide the specialist care we offer to our in and out patients. Only 20% of this is funded through a contribution from Cornwall’s NHS Commissioners, in simple terms, the NHS contribution pays for 71 days of care each year. In a calendar year that’s only enough to get us to the 12th March. We rely on the generosity of people like you in Cornwall who leave us legacies, support fundraising events, play our lottery and visit our 32 shops.


Information on locations and distances planned.

Key Facts

Information on what's included and what is not, accommodation, meals and gear.

Sponsor Forms

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Skyline?

Skyline are an events management company with over 25 years of experience and work with over 5,000 charity clients. Skyline are managing the logistics of this challenge. The sign-up process is via their website.

How much money comes to Cornwall Hospice Care?

This challenge does have a higher cost base than other events we do, however all the logistics of the event are covered including a most of your meals and all en route travel and accommodation – please see the ‘Itinerary’ download for exact information.

We know from experience that when we cover these logistical costs and ask people to raise more as a result, participants are more successful and raise more funds towards are care.

Each rider, when meeting the minimum sponsorship only, will fund over a week’s worth of nursing care. You can see how this will build with 50 cyclists.

How fit do I need to be?

Some training is certainly required and although the distances are large, remember, all you are doing across the whole day is cycling. Typically we have an early morning start, 8am for example, and ride until mid afternoon. This is broken up with two water stops and a decent lunch break.

People tend to group with others of similar speeds and no one is left behind. It’s not a race and all abilities are encouraged.

Will there be a training plan?

Yes, in your rider area on the Skyline website, you will have access to a training plan once signed up.

What is the food like?

Typically breakfast is your usual hotel cuisine, eggs, toast, pastries etc. Lunch is a local restaurant en route and usually hearty and carb dense for maximum energy. The evening meal is much the same.

The water stops have sweets, cereal bars and high energy bars available too.

How will the course be marked?

Each rider is offered a GPS device, which is pre-programmed with the route. It uses visual and audio cues to instruct you. These are highly accurate and easy to use.

These are offered to each rider with no damage deposit, Cornwall Hospice Care covers this, however if a riders looses or breaks theirs, they will be required to pay for it so our charity is not charged.

What support is there en route?

There are multiple support vehicles and a roaming mechanic helping to addresses any issues on the challenge. If you are struggling with the distance you can also be rested with the team. First aid provision is also covered is there is an injury.

Our aim is that at any point you will always feel safe.

What is it actually like?

The best way to answer that is to read our blog from Darren Uren, who completed the Mount to Mont Cycling Challenge in 2017, a very similar event to this.

Read Darren’s blog here

When do I need to raise the minimum sponsorship by?

Usually we would expect 80% to be raised by all cyclists in advance of departure with the remaining 20% within a month of our return.

We ask everyone to meet the minimum target as it allows us to plan and fund essential care across our charity.

Can I raise more than the minimum sponsorship?

Yes! Any sponsorship above the minimum will fund the essential work of our charity.

If I choose the self fund option, when is the deadline for me to pay?

£784 (80% of the cost of trip) will need to be paid before we depart on October 2nd 2019, and the remaining £196 (20%) will need to be paid by the end of November 2019.

Can I raise money as a team?

Yes, for those who are concerned about raising the minimum sponsorship we are happy to have a team share the target. For each person, the team’s sponsorship minimum will grow by £1,960 to cover their place and the care we are asking them to fund i.e. two riders together will need to raise £3,920 and three riders £5,880.

As a team if one person raises £3,000 and the other team member £920, they still meet the target.

If you wish to enter a team please advise us on the details above before or shortly after registering.

What support is there beforehand?

We will provide all riders with a Fundraising Pack. We can also provide at your request collection buckets, tins, banners, bunting, napkins, balloons and stickers to support your efforts. You will also received a letter of authority to help if approaching businesses for prizes for a raffle for example.

In your Fundraising Pack we will also have information on online sponsorship pages and can offer advice on raffles, matched funding etc.

Essentially, if you need us, we can help with ideas to make your fundraising a success.