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Event Details

1st July 2020
Registration Deadline:
27th July 2020
Event type:
Cornwall Hospice Care Events
Suitable for all
2.4 miles Swim or 13.1 miles Paddle
Fees and sponsorship requirements:
£10.00 - Adult Entry
£5.00 - Child Entry
Contact details:
Cornwall Hospice Care Fundraising Team 01726 66868 - option 3
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So here we are; the final leg of our Get Out and Get Moving Campaign during Lockdown.  Whether you’re the new to the campaign and a budding Swimmer or Paddler, or you have already completed Your Marathon and are participating in Tour de Cornwall, Team CHC are proud to launch YOUR SWIM YOUR WAY .  Following your fantastic support and lovely feedback of Your Marathon and Tour de Cornwall, we recognised that if we added a swim to the series we would then have our very own IRONMAN TRIATHLON!

To make this inclusive, along with the other two challenges, we won’t insist on a swim – you can swim it or paddle it.  You’ll have all of July to complete 2.4 miles of swimming OR a half Marathon 13.1 Miles of paddling – wherever you can and at your pace.

We will, of course be offering another fabulous medal for this, but if you have completed all three challenges we will be awarding you our exclusive Team CHC Lockdown Ironman Triathlon Medal and that will definitely be one to show the grandchildren!  So head on down to the tropical waters around our fine coast, grit your teeth and get going!

The starting gun will be at 7am on the 1st July and you will have until Midnight on 31st July to finish Your Swim.

We’re also offering a certificate with your choice of photo on completion and lots of encouragement and laughs in our online Strava Club @TeamCHC (please do make sure you join us).

If you’ve already completed Your Marathon and want to enter the Triathlon, you can also enter the Tour de Cornwall Cycling challenge here.

Entry fees for Your Swim Your Way are £10 per adult £5 children and there’s a spot of Merch on offer too!  Grab yourself a Team CHC Cycling Jersey, Running Vest or Supporter T-shirt to show the world you’re supporting your local Hospice – click here to purchase.

Whilst this is all great fun, it would be amazing if you could find a few friends to support you.  Every penny counts to fund the care we provide at Mount Edgcumbe and St Julia’s hospices and you will have helped make a huge difference in these tough times.  So please remember to set up a JustGiving page when you register, a modest of goal is very achievable and feels amazing when you beat it, knowing its going to fund those last treasured moments.

All you need to do is:

  • Sign up
  • Set up a JustGiving Page
  • Download  the free Strava App to track your progress
  • Join our Team CHC Strava Club to share your stories, photos and achievements
  • Leave the rest to us to shout about on our social media!
Can I Swim in a Pool?

Yes you can swim anywhere , anytime, it’s up to you how you get your distance.

How do I fundraise?

Set up your JustGiving page and share it everywhere to tell the world who will instantly empty their purses into your fundraiser from the sheer shock of learning that you are going to swim 2.4 miles or Paddle a half Marathon.  If you want to fundraise for a particular Hospice, sign up with JustGiving to Cornwall Hospice Care and then let us know which Hospice – St Julia’s or Mount Edgcumbe – you are supporting.

We’re giving you until Friday 31 July to complete your swim or paddle.  When you finish just send us your evidence and we’ll send you the medal and a smashing certificate to hang on the wall.

On a more serious note, we’re facing a national crisis like no other while still keeping our two hospices open 24/7.  With your help we’re continuing to care for terminally ill people in Cornwall and we need you to ensure we maintain this vital service.

We are, as a charity, heavily reliant on the support of people like you.

£20 funds an hour of our specialist nursing care and we need this now more than ever.  If 100 people raised £200 each for us that’s 1000 hours of nursing care!  You could help make that happen, sign up today and invite your friends.

For all swimmers, sponsorship is optional.  But please we need you now more than ever and every penny counts to fund those last precious moments.

What happens next?
  1. Register today by clicking on the above red button.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email from our booking platform Charity Checkout letting you know that your registration was successful. There will also be details on how you can join the Strava Club.
  3. Setup a JustGiving sponsorship page. Please do so – just £20 raised makes a huge difference to the care we offer.
  4. Share your fundraising page with your friends and family to raise sponsorship for Cornwall Hospice Care.
  5. Start Swimming or Paddling from Wednesday 1st July.
  6. Keep going and build up your distance to complete 2.4 miles swim or 13.1 miles paddle by Friday 31st July.
  7. Once you’ve completed the event, share your distance with us and we’ll be in touch to celebrate your success.  Medals and certificates will be posted in August (there is a delay on medals due to the pandemic).
Your Swim Your Way Terms and Conditions of Entry

See the Terms and Conditions of Entry to the Your Swim Your Way

Your Swim Your Way Sponsor Form

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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration process

Sign up using the red button at the top of this page. Once completed, in the confirmation mail you will get a link to access the Strava Club and setup your JustGiving page.

Is there an age limit to take part?

No, none whatsoever!

Everyone and anyone can take part.

Will there be finishers medal?

Yes, and a totally cool one at that! After you finish on 31st July, we ask that you send us your evidence and the photo you’d like on your certificate and you will receive your finishers medal in the post in mid August. Please be aware there is a time delay having these produced.

Cancellations and transfers

Registrations are strictly personal, firm and binding and fees shall not be refunded for any reason.

If you are unable to take part please let us know as soon as possible by calling 01726 66868 (option 3).

Event Cancellation Refund Policy

If the event is cancelled due to reasons beyond our control, we may at our discretion offer a refund of your entry fee(s). However, we reserve the right to deduct an amount to cover the expenses incurred in setting up the event to ensure that Cornwall Hospice Care and our associated partners are not out of pocket due to running this event.