David's Story

David Renwick is well known as the Chief Executive of the Ocean Housing Group, based in St Austell www.ocean-group.co.uk/ but out of hours he swaps his suit and briefcase for waterproof clothing and a backpack. It’s all because trekking has become his passion thanks to Cornish charity Cornwall Hospice Care. 

David has raised nearly £20,000 over the last few years for Cornwall Hospice Care to help support the charity’s work caring for people with life limiting illnesses and their families. As he explains, it all started with a poster;

“I was just walking up from Charlestown one day and saw the sign for the Cornwall Hospice Care trek to the Great Wall of China and that was the start of it.  I got in contact with the hospice and I thought, well if I’m going to do something I might as well try and make a bit of a difference. It wasn’t so much the money with me but actually the money is a bi-product that I know makes a difference to the hospices and the patients.”

David has gone on a number of charity treks since then and says the one to Base Camp at Everest had a profound effect on him;

“Everybody who was on the Everest trip had a story of actually having used the hospice, so that was quite interesting for me to see why many people were there and to hear the many memories that they had. It was very, very moving and I think we were all in tears when we actually got to Base Camp, both at having got there, but also at what we had achieved together as a group and with the collective memory of the people many had lost. It was an absolutely fantastic trip.”

David is now training for his next adventure to conquer an as yet unclimbed mountain in the same area along with Expeditionwise, the company who support the Cornwall Hospice Care treks. He says his adventures mean a huge amount to him;

“I’ve been very, very blessed and incredibly lucky that I haven’t had to use the hospices either myself, or the individuals in my family. Now that day may come and if it does I’ll be in the hospice smiling and thinking of all the trips I’ve done and all the fantastic memories and knowing that in my own way, I’ve done a little bit. I think I’m just incredibly lucky to be able to go and do these adventures.   In my view and without question, the biggest gift is your health and for those who aren’t so fortunate well, if I’m helping in one small way then I’m proud to do that.”

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