Inpatient nurses with patientPatients are referred by any of their key health professionals, but always in liaison with their GP or hospital consultant so that we can ensure continuity and coordination of care. Most patients come into our units because they are having a difficult time with symptoms or the impact of their illness. They will be assessed by our multidisciplinary team and a plan will be discussed and agreed with them and whoever – family or friends – they wish to be involved. This will be reviewed regularly throughout their stay.

Our average length of stay is around a week, but this varies a great deal depending on patient needs. We aim to discharge patients home or to an appropriate place of ongoing care, with the right support, once their acute symptoms and problems are stable. Many patients come in on more than one occasion over months or years during their illness. Some patients come to us near the end of their lives because they have care needs that can best be managed in the hospice, but many people are also supported in their own homes or other care settings. Click here to see our Outpatient care and support. We are not able to offer respite care or long term care.

Lots of people have ideas or concerns about what it will be like in a hospice but find it very different to their expectations. We’ve listed some of the questions people often ask - click here.