What do our Trustees do?

Our Cornish healthcare charity is governed by a Board of Directors (Trustees), all of whom are volunteers. They provide a range of relevant skills and ensure Cornwall Hospice Care is run appropriately and according to charity law. Our Trustees have overall financial and legal responsibility for the charity and hold ultimate responsibility for the governance of the organisation.

Our charity has a Chief Executive and an Executive Team. They’re responsible for the day-to-day running of the charity. They report on a regular basis to the Board of Trustees.

Our Trustee Board currently consists of nine local people, with two more about to join, who come from a wide range of backgrounds, including clinical, education, legal, business and accountancy.

The role of Board members is to offer leadership to the Executive Team by agreeing the broad strategic aims and direction of the charity. Our Trustees are there to offer guidance and support and to challenge where necessary. They’re responsible for ensuring our hospice services are safe, effective, caring and responsive and that we’re well led. Trustees are also responsible for ensuring our charity has the necessary finances to keep operating and that risks are managed effectively and performance is properly reviewed.

There’s also an ambassadorial element to the role of Trustee in terms of representing Cornwall Hospice Care at visits to charity sites and at events.

What skills are we looking for in this Trustee role?

We’re looking for a new Trustee to join our Board and in particular, for someone with a high level of current senior nursing experience and of being on an Executive Team or Management Board. Your role will involve offering support and guidance to the charity and to the clinical teams in particular. Your senior experience will be invaluable in ensuring the Board has an understanding of our core work caring for terminally ill patients. You’ll also be integral in the confirmation of key governance commitments.

What time commitment is required from a Cornwall Hospice Care Trustee?

In terms of time, the Board meets quarterly and usually in a morning. Each Trustee is also asked to attend at least one of the Board committee meetings that are held quarterly. There’s an annual ‘away day’ to discuss and agree strategy.  You’ll also need to devote some time to reading board papers before meetings.

What happens if I apply for this role?

You’ll be invited to an interview and you may also be asked to attend a committee or Board meeting to get an appreciation of the role. The successful candidate will then be asked to attend a volunteer induction and to do some mandatory training. Everyone in the charity is also reviewed as part of our annual appraisal process. All our posts require a Disclosure and Barring Services Check (DBS).

I’m interested, so how do I apply?

To find out more, please contact our Chief Executive Paul Brinsley. You can do this by emailing him at pbrinsley@cornwallhospice.co.uk  and please include any relevant professional information about yourself. You’ll receive a reply after 1st September 2020.