Announcing our 2021 Christmas shop window competition – an invitation from our Executive Team on Monday 20th September.

Dear Shop Managers,

We’d like to invite you to spread the festive cheer by taking part in our 2021 Christmas shop window competition. You can choose your theme as long as it has a Christmas feel and you must include some of our charity Christmas cards and a selection of festive jumpers. Let your imagination run wild and we’ll come along and take a look at what you and your volunteers have conjured up.

You need to have your windows ready for viewing by Monday the 18th of October and between then and Friday 29th October one of us will visit each shop with the Regional Managers.  Your windows will be released on Saturday the 30th of October so the stock you’ve used can go on sale.

We’ll then get in a judge’s huddle to consider what we’ve seen at each of the shops and will announce the winners on Friday the 5th of November. There’ll be awards that you can then feature in your windows.

If you’ve got any questions, please contact your Regional Managers and we’ll look forward to seeing you all on our judging tours in late October.

Good luck!

Paul, Gina, Graham and Verity