Check your PCR expiry date! A briefing from our Executive Team on Monday 15th November 2021.

If you’re required to take PCR tests because of your role within our charity, please check the expiry date each time.  Recently we’ve had to ask people to repeat their test because they were beyond their use-by date making the test void. All you need to do is check the date on the grey plastic bag that everything comes in. Please note the date is written in American style – year, month, day.

We’ve checked the current stock of PCR tests at our hospices and they’re all in date and we’ve just put in another order and will check the expiry date before they’re released.  However, we can’t review each test kit individually so need you to add this check to your process.

Please note, people taking self-tests at home must also check the expiry dates carefully, even if you’ve just received a new box from us or via the government website. The use by date is printed on the box itself and on the packaging of the test slide on to which you drop the fluid when you’ve done your swab.

If you’ve got any questions or concerns about this, please speak to your Line Manager.

We can’t stress enough how important testing is to us all and to our patients and their families and friends, so thank you for your continuing commitment to this.

Paul, Gina, Graham and Verity