Holiday decisions; a Staff Briefing from our Executive Team – Monday 10th August 2020:

We’re very aware that many of you are trying to take a well-deserved break and maybe a holiday abroad. We also know you’ll be facing the tricky questions about where to go and whether you’re likely to find you’ve got to self-isolate when you get back.

It’s important that you remain aware of the risks of travelling abroad. The status of foreign countries can change very quickly and there’s a distinct danger of changes happening while you’re away. These could affect you, your travel plans and your colleagues at home who may have to cover for you if you go in to isolation.

If you do have to isolate on return from a holiday abroad or from an area of the UK that goes in to localised lock down, you’ll be required to use your holiday allocation or to take unpaid leave. You’ll only be able to claim sick leave if you have a Covid test and it comes back positive.  Of course some of you may be able to work from home and we’d encourage you to do that if it’s appropriate, during your isolation. In this case you’ll be paid as normal, subject to Line Manager agreement.

We’re following government guidance and being clear that even those countries on the exemption list can suddenly change, as Spain and Andorra, Belgium and the Bahamas did recently.  There’s also a suggestion that the situation in France may change.

It’s vital that you keep in touch with your Line Manager and our HR department and to help you find the latest travel information here’s some useful links to government sites that are regularly updated:

Paul Brinsley, Gina Starnes and Graham Clarke