With the Euro cup final still fresh in our minds, it seems right to quote the 1966 commentary “It’s not over yet” even if the government are saying “it is now!” Covid-19 is still present, numbers are rising in Cornwall and businesses are being disrupted as the Track and Trace alerts to isolate are escalating.  As a healthcare charity caring for very poorly patients, we simply can’t risk everything by dropping our Covid procedures now. So, we want to explain what our plan is as the so-called ‘Freedom Day’ on Monday 19th July approaches.

These charts from the BBC website, show estimated daily hospital admissions following a sudden release from restrictions as opposed to a gradual move away from the rules we’ve been following. It clearly shows the need for extreme caution.


At our hospices our front-line staff will continue to wear the necessary PPE on the wards and we’ll be asking visitors to carry on wearing masks if they are able to. We can’t afford to relax and must keep our units safe.

We need to protect our shop teams too as they raise a big proportion of the money needed to keep the hospices open. The till screens will stay in place, we will ask staff, volunteers and customers to keep wearing masks/visors and sanitiser stations will also remain. We’ll continue to restrict numbers entering the shops at any one time.

We all need to continue abiding by Hands. Face. Space. and in our offices, we’ll work toward reducing the social distance to 1m. We can’t stress the importance of getting fully vaccinated enough and please keep testing as required by your role and your Line Manager.

For information about vaccinations you can visit the government website HERE  You might also enjoy this lovely little video in which a number of famous faces support the vaccination message – The Rhythm of Life

If you’ve been advised to work from home this advice still stands and we ask that you keep talking to your Line Manager about requirements they may have. They and we on the Executive Team, are here to support you.

If you’re reading this and asking “why must we continue with these measures when the government are ending the rules on Monday?” please remember we are a healthcare charity providing end-of-life care to people across Cornwall. We need to be here when they need us so our hospices must be protected and so too must our income sources, including our shops.

This was the feedback from a patient last month. Imagine if we couldn’t offer this support because we’d let our guard down too early and let Covid-19 take a hold;

“I really wanted to thank you all for your help during my rehabilitation. I can just about walk without any aids and am still improving thanks in no small part to the care provided by everyone at the hospice. Best wishes to you all, without you I doubt I would have survived.”

You are all precious to us – staff, volunteers, patients, customers and fundraisers – together we can hold our course and look after each other. We’ll keep reviewing our stance on a regular basis and will also keep you updated.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Paul, Gina, Graham and Verity