Our Open Door sessions are coming back – news from our Executive Team on Wednesday 1st September 2021.

In our recent Communications Survey, you asked when our Open Door sessions might return. These are informal opportunities for staff and volunteers to chat with us about our charity. In the past you’ve used the meetings to ask us questions about our strategy, to give us your ideas and to generally catch up on news. Well, we’re delighted to announce that the Open Door sessions are returning!


We’ve increased the number of sessions to ensure you get an opportunity to see one of us. We can’t confirm who will be at each session as there’s so many of them, but rest assured it will always be an Executive Team member.

It’ll be Fridays when one of us will be available at each of our hospices. Our door will be open between midday and 2pm at the respective hospice seminar rooms and you’re all welcome to pop in for an informal chat on any of the following dates;

Mount Edgcumbe Hospice:

This year – 10th September, 1st October, 5th November, 3rd December.

2022 – 7th January, 4th February, 4th March, 1st April, 6th May, 3rd June, 1st July.

St Julia’s Hospice:

This year – 17th September, 15th October, 19th November, 17th December.

2022 – 14th January, 18th February, 18th March, 15th April, 13th May, 17th June, 15th July.

Daniel’s Lane:

At Daniel’s Lane you’ll find one of us in the Staff Canteen between 2pm and 3pm on these dates:

This year – 24th September, 26th November.

2022 – 21st January, 25th February, 25th March, 22nd April, 20th May, 24th June, 22nd July.

Truro and Bodmin:

We’re also going to trial Open Door sessions at our Truro Furniture Shop in Moresk Road and our Bodmin Donation Centre in Normandy Way.

Truro Furniture Shop:  

One of us will be here on the 22nd of October and in the staff rest room from 3pm to 4pm.

Bodmin Donation Centre:

Join one of us in the staff rest room on the 10th of December from 3pm to 4pm.

Posters will soon start appearing in your staff rooms, on notice boards and in our shops listing all the dates. Attached with this briefing is a poster you can amend and print out to highlight the next Open Door session coming up in your area.

We very much look forward to seeing you at these sessions and are delighted that we’ve been able to re-introduce them after all this time.

Best wishes,

Paul, Gina, Graham and Verity