Tuesday 9th March 2021 – a letter to all retail staff and volunteers from Frazer Hopkins, Head of Retail.

Dear all,

Royal interviews aside, I’ve got news for you today! Our retail revival part 2 is underway and we’re going to reopen our Donation Centres in Holmbush and Bodmin at the end of this month.

On Monday 29th March they’ll open to our staff and volunteers only to bring their donations in. It’ll give our colleagues a quieter opportunity to drop off their donations and it gives us a chance to rehearse our operations and settle back. We’ll then open to the public on Tuesday 30th March.

The opening times at the Holmbush centre will be 9am to 3.30pm Monday to Saturday and at Normandy Way it’ll be 9am to 1.30pm Monday to Saturday and we’ll be making public announcements about this from tomorrow, Wednesday 10th March.

You may wonder why we’re not opening the donation centres until then and you won’t be surprised to hear it’s down to national and local government guidance. We’ve adhered to the advice throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so.

We’re also going to start our furniture collection service again from the 29th, but this will only be for items that people can’t bring in themselves. We’re thinking larger pieces like wardrobes, sofas and big tables. We’ll be asking people to email their requests to furniturecollections@cornwallhospice.co.uk or to submit a request via our website.

As you know, our shops will reopen on Monday 12th April and I’ll be talking to all staff about the times to go in and prepare for this a little closer to the date. These are details that will then be passed on to those of you who volunteer for us. We’ll also be opening our Newquay store on the 12th and we’re very excited about this new venue in the town.

You may see posters start to appear in some of our shops appealing for volunteers as we’re going to need more when we open. This is a pre-emptive strike before we get going again and as any interested people can’t at present talk to the team inside the store, we’ll be including other contact information so they can get in touch asap.

In the meantime, work continues at our new Truro shop in Moresk Road where we’ll also have a Donation Station. Our plan is to open there on Wednesday 14th April.

To hear more about our current plans please use this LINK to watch a video briefing I’ve recorded for you to watch.

I’ve missed seeing you all and it’ll be wonderful to see our retail operation come to life again. Thank you for your continuing patience, I think I can say there’s definitely a light at the end of this tunnel and we’re marching toward it right now.

Best wishes and stay safe,