Pay and Support - Executive Team Briefing - Wednesday 30th March 2022

There’s no avoiding the harsh economic times we’re now living in. Prices are rising all around us, both at home and in the workplace. Everyone’s feeling the pressure. It means our Board of Trustees have had a difficult decision to make as they try to support all of you whilst also ensuring a sustainable financial and long-term future for our charity.

We can confirm today that you will receive a pay rise. It’ll be a 3% cost of living award to all employees.

We’re also adopting the Real Living Wage of £9.90 an hour as our minimum pay entry point. All employees will receive at least this rate from the 1st of April. As well as this, we’re introducing a range of measures that we hope will support you through these challenging times.  They include…

  • The option to ‘buy back’ up to an additional 5 days of holiday, giving you more flexibility with your annual leave (subject to line management approval).
  • We’re also going to offer people the chance to sell 5 days of annual leave, so you can swap annual leave for additional pay. If you choose to sell, you can receive the 5 days of income as one lump sum, or it can be spread across the remaining months of the tax year.
  • EarlyPay – You’ll no longer have to wait for payday to receive all of your pay. Via a mobile app called EarlyPay you’ll be able to log in and see what pay you’ve accrued for the month so far. You will then be able to draw down 60% of what you’ve earned in that month and have it in your bank account within 48 hours. This service will be completely free.
  • A change to the day on which we pay you, from the last working day of the month to the 25th (or the nearest working day) of each month. For March the date will be as usual on the 31st. The following two pay dates will be the 29th of April and the 25th of May.

To confirm, the options above will be available from the 1st of May and your pay will be uplifted from the 1st of April 2022.

This financial year includes an extra bank holiday for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The Bank Holiday we usually enjoy at the end of May will move to the first week of June and be added to a second day to make a four-day weekend. You don’t have to take this additional Bank Holiday at this time. Instead, you can choose to work that day and take the leave at another time during the year.

You’ve achieved so much for our charity and have demonstrated your extraordinary resilience throughout the ongoing pandemic. We remain extremely grateful and admire your fortitude and this is demonstrated in a pay award at a time when the financial squeeze has gripped us all.

We know you’ll understand that our Trustees also have to achieve a delicate balance, ensuring we protect the front line services of our charity for those in Cornwall who need our end of life care now and in the future.

Thank you and best wishes

Paul, Gina, Graham and Verity

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