We’re launching our ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme – a briefing to employees and volunteers from our Executive Team. Thursday 3rd February 2022.

Recruitment is proving a major issue for employers across Cornwall and in a range of industries. Many businesses are running on a vastly reduced workforce and it’s taking a toll. Recently a local care company announced it was temporarily closing three homes due to a lack of staff. It’s an issue we’re experiencing too, more especially in our retail department and we need your help.

Today we’re launching our ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme. Do you know someone who might enjoy being part of our one team? If they’d fit one of the jobs below, refer them to us and if we recruit them, we’ll give you £250 (after we’ve paid the tax due). If they complete their probation period successfully, we’ll then give you a further £250.  This may seem very generous, but if we were to work with an employment agency to find staff their fee would be far more than this. What’s more we feel you’re likely to understand better who might enjoy working for our charity and you’d be able to share your experiences with them.

The ’Refer a Friend’ scheme only applies to particular roles that are proving especially difficult to recruit for and we’ll identify which these are with this emblem.


If you see one of our jobs with the Refer a Friend Logo on it and have someone who you think would be interested, then once you’ve made contact with your friend and confirmed they’re happy for you to refer them, please email our HR team via

Please also see our new Refer a Friend Policy.

Thank you for your help. These are tough times in the world of recruitment and yet our services are vital as are those departments that raise the funds we need. Let’s work together to find friends who’ll help us continue with our mission to provide the very best end of life care to patients and their families in Cornwall.

Paul, Gina, Graham and Verity