What does the government’s ‘Plan B’ mean for all of us? A briefing from our Executive Team on Thursday 9th December 2021.

This pandemic just isn’t going away. With rising cases of Covid and the new variant Omicron it’s not surprising that the government have moved to what they’re calling ‘Plan B’.  But what does this mean for all of us and how might it affect you in your role with our charity?

If you can do your job from home that’s where you need to be from Monday (13th December). This gives you a few days to get prepared if you’re moving back from your office. We understand some of you have worked from home throughout the pandemic and though we know it’s not always easy to do this, you’re going to have to continue. Please remember we’re here to support you so if you’ve got any worries or are struggling at home, talk to your Line Manager. You can also call on the support of our healthcare provider, WPA HERE You’ll need your log in details to hand.

From tomorrow (Friday 10th December) face coverings will be mandatory for most indoor public venues including places of worship, theatres and cinemas. This will continue to apply in shops and on public transport. For us it’s business as usual, with mask wearing at all times in our hospices, offices and shops, unless you’re working alone in a room. When there’s more than one person you must also ensure the area you’re in is well ventilated.


Please continue to test regularly. In the hospices the tests you need are available from the Ward Sisters. If you’re working in offices away from the hospices or from home this still applies and you can order free kits from the government HERE.  Please do these tests twice a week. Most do one on a Tuesday and one on a Friday. You then need to report the result HERE Please also ensure you GET VACCINATED for both Covid and flu. If you’re usually based in one of our hospices, please remember to email Ally Hardman with the dates on which you’ve had your 1st, 2nd and booster Covid vaccines and your flu jab.

We’re keeping a very close eye on government guidance as it’s likely to change and quite quickly and we’ll keep in touch with you. It goes without saying that we all need to remember that we must protect our hospices. If you’re not based at Mount Edgcumbe or St Julia’s, only visit if you have urgent business. We’re also not able to invite the public in to visit the memory trees or to write on stars or in our books of remembrance.

This is tough on us all and we know how hard you’re finding this, but let’s look after each other and keep talking. Take a moment to call a colleague and please ask your Line Manager if you’ve got any worries or questions. You’ve already proved your resilience and it’s extraordinary how we’ve pulled together to keep our front line open to those who need us.  We know everyone’s weary, but we can get through thanks to you.

Paul, Gina, Graham and Verity