The current Covid situation is worsening. The numbers of cases are rising dramatically in Cornwall and we must all play our part in keeping safe. The time has come, not to ask but to tell you we need to follow key measures and guidance, rules that should also be applied outside of work to keep our staff and volunteer colleagues safe.

If you can, please work from home.

If you have to come in to work and you share an office, you must wear a face mask at all times. You must also keep a window open to allow the free flow of fresh air. It will mean wearing more layers, but that’s a small price to pay to remain Covid-free.

Good infection control works if we’re consistent. You must:

  • Use any PPE that’s relevant to your job and wear a face mask/covering at all times.
  • Keep socially distanced whenever and wherever you can, including around our hospices and shops.
  • Wash your hands regularly and for at least 20 seconds. If you can’t wash your hands because of a lack of facilities, use plenty of hand sanitiser.
  • Clean phones and keyboards regularly, better still clean them every time you use them.

Covid doesn’t take breaks. When having a meal or coffee break, keep your mask on as much as possible. Only take it off to eat and drink. If you’re eating in a communal area, stay distanced from others. Yes, it may feel strange when we’re social creatures, but this isn’t a time for sentimentality. Covid is here, it’s raging around us and we all need to do our bit to stay safe and to look after each other.

It’s hard to have to demand rather than ask, but we need your support more than ever at this very worrying time, so please follow this guidance at work and at home and if you’re worried, unsure or have a question, don’t hesitate to talk to your line manager.

Thank you, if we work as a team we can get past this.

Paul, Gina and Graham