We're Jammin' ....

Dr Sarah Ashley who works at our St Julia’s Hospice sent us this piece from her 13 year old son, Peter, who has been very busy of the last few months, making jams, marmalades and curds to sell.  Here is the initial blog that Peter sent to us in October 2017.

I am taking part in a business competition at Camborne Science and International Academy and have created a Jam Making Business, called Ashley Jam.
My idea for a business was sparked when I was trying to find something to do and my mum suggested Jam. She enjoys making various jams, and has fruit in the freezer
from our garden that was picked over the summer. I made a test batch of marmalade before the competition began, and it tasted so good I couldn’t refuse. So my venture started there, an idea sparked by my toast.

The competition is called ‘The Tenner Challenge’ – we are each given 10 pounds and encouraged to create or upcycle with the 10 pounds as the start-up. The aim is to
make the most amount of profit we can. A proportion of my profit will be donated to the hospice, as I am aware of all the good work they do, with my mum working at
St Julia’s Hospice. The competition runs between October and Christmas, I have already started well and have made a few batches, including marmalade, lemon curd, raspberry jam and blackberry jam. We have been planning some themed Jam, such as a delicious spiced marmalade for Christmas, which will be available in a month or so. I need some help – we are eco-friendly and are using recycled jars, but these are in short supply at home and will soon run out, so if you have any empty ones, with
metal lids that you can spare, please get them to St Julia’s Hospice, for Sarah Ashley.  Equally if you would like to order any jam, please contact Sarah, who can tell you prices, and arrange orders for you.

Peter's Update - January 2018

Peter was delighted to give an update on how his enterprise is thriving, with a second blog;

I was asked to start up a business back in October only using a tenner. Of course one thing led to another and my business was booming. Many flavours were created,
including menace, lemon curd and spiced marmalade. The competition ended on the last Thursday of school before Christmas. After I counted up my money, it was clear I had done rather well when my total profit was £201.75.  Some of that total came from the staff and volunteers of Cornwall Hospice Care, so I thank every single one of you who supported me by either buying jam or giving jars.  I originally reported that some of my profit would go to the hospice, and that is a
promise I have kept. £80 has been presented to the hospice from the Ashley Jam Incorporated Company. I hope this is all spent well and overall wisely.  Even though
the competition is over, I enjoyed making and selling jam so much, I’ll still be making and selling to those who would like it.  Please let my hyper wonderful, better than
anyone mother know if you should like to order a jar or five.
Best wishes
Peter Ashley (CEO*, CFO** and CJM*** of the Ashley Jam Incorporated Company)
*Chief Executive Officer, **Chief Financial Officer, ***Chief Jam Maker”

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