A letter to all our volunteers from our Executive Team, 1st June 2021

Today marks the start of Volunteers Week 2021 and it’s an ideal occasion on which to pay tribute to you all for your continuing hard work and commitment to our charity. The simple fact is that we couldn’t achieve all that we do without you and your much appreciated gift of time.  You’re at heart of our hospices, community services, shops, warehouses, donation centres and fundraising activities. Your help means we can use our funds to support those services at our front line, caring for terminally ill patients across Cornwall. Thank you.

The last 14 months have been a huge challenge for us all and yet we’ve been able to keep patient care available to all those who need us. We’ve adapted to new ways of working and with your support, we’ve kept our hospices open 24/7 throughout this dreadful pandemic. You should all be very proud of this because you’ve helped, either proactively or by remaining patient when we had to reduce the number of people in our hospices and close our shops.


On a very positive note, we’ve been highly pro-active in managing our finances, taking advantage of every funding opportunity we could find. As a result, we’ve more than weathered the worst of the crisis and emerged in a very strong financial position. We’re looking forward to a bright future in which we’ll continue to provide our in-patient and community-based services for many years to come.

Thank you for your enduring support and commitment. You’re vital to our future plans, to the continuing provision of our care services and to the success of our income generation streams, including our shops and fundraising events.   We look forward to seeing you as government guidance allows us more freedoms.

As Volunteers Week 2021 gets underway we send our very best wishes to you – one and all,

Paul                                     Gina                                   Graham

Paul Brinsley                     Gina Starnes                    Graham Clarke