Wednesday 25th March - A message of thanks to our hospice staff & support staff

“I want to pay tribute to our dedicated nursing staff and support staff at our two hospices who despite the worrying situation the world is in, are still coming to work and caring for our patients. Their extraordinary commitment is humbling and every day they are going above and beyond what is expected of them normally to offer sanctuary and care to people with terminal illnesses.

We have had to impose strict rules on visitors and visiting times and all our hospice staff are helping to ease the burden this places on our patients. They are always compassionate and this has been brought in to sharp perspective by the situation we all find ourselves in.

A thank you doesn’t seem enough, but I and our charity Trustees do thank them all wholeheartedly for their professionalism and dedication to their work, work that’s never easy at the best of times. We are proud of them all and inspired by their continuing commitment to those people in Cornwall who need our specialist care even in these darkest of times.”


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