Long service badges have been presented to volunteers from the Cornwall Hospice Care shop in Mawnan Smith. Between them the group represent 80 years of support for the Cornish charity that provides care to terminally ill patients and their carers, family and friends.

10 year badges were presented to Monica James, Rosie McLusky, Barbara Hims, Sylvia King and Daryl Silk. Also receiving the same honour were Eibhlin Tamblyn, Sheila Jordan and Margaret Moyle, none of whom were able to attend the presentation event that was held in the Mawnan Smith shop.


The badges and certificates were handed out by Paddy Dummett, Cornwall Hospice Care’s HR Director, who said; “it’s an honour to recognise our wonderful volunteers. I’m chuffed to bits to be here to thank you for the contribution you make to our charity. We couldn’t run our shops without you so thank you for all that you do.”

Monica James (85) started volunteering to keep busy when her husband was playing golf twice a week. “I popped in to the shop and asked if there was an upper age limit. When they said no I started helping out and that was in the original shop. When the charity decided to move to the shop we have now I said they were mad and that it would never work. I was pleasantly surprised when it became a success. I really enjoy the volunteering and do a regular Monday afternoon with Rosie. I’ve made many friends and when my husband died two years ago, it really helped to be able to come here.”

Daryl Silk who also received a ten year badge, got involved when she visited the shop for the first time. “The then Manager grabbed me and said they needed more volunteers and here I am ten years later! It’s been very enjoyable and I’ve met so many people. It’s extremely rewarding and I always go home tired, but feeling I’ve achieved something.  Sometimes you meet someone who has been helped by our charity and that makes you realise how important it is to keep funding the care.”

Justine Trebilcock is the shop Manager; “All my volunteers are amazing and I couldn’t open up without them. We’re very lucky to have so many given this is such a small community, but we are blessed and it all adds to the success of our charity shop. They deserve recognition and I thought it was lovely that when they went outside to have their picture taken, the staff from the hairdressers next door came out and clapped.”

Notes to editors

The attached pictures are two different versions of the same shot – one closer in to the people than the other. They feature (from left to right) Monica James, Rosie McLusky, Daryl Silk, Paddy Dummett (behind), Barbara Hims and Sylvia King.

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