We always appreciate the thoughts and feedback from our patients and their families. Their observations are powerful, coming at such a difficult time in their lives. To mark Dying Matters Week 2019 these thoughts come from the daughter of a parent who died at Mount Edgcumbe Hospice and who firmly believes that dying matters:


“Death in its simplest form is yet another stage in life. BUT, do we discuss it? NO! Why? Because it’s emotionally difficult.

People say it doesn’t matter how long you have to say goodbye to a loved one, their death is still a shock. Having experienced sudden death and terminal illness in the last couple of years, I disagree with this.

Sudden death is a shock!! But discussing options with a person who is dying and knowing they are receiving the right care for them and not anyone else, makes the end very calm. In this case it didn’t make me sad, just thankful that the correct care had been given to that person.”

Start your discussion today. Our ‘Pass it on before you pass away’ campaign will help.