Shop volunteers from Holmbush and St Austell town centre who’ve collectively given 100 years of service to Cornish charity Cornwall Hospice Care, have been presented with long service badges and certificates this week (1st to 4th June). They’ve been recognised as part of a thank you project being run by the charity during Volunteers Week 2021.

On Wednesday 2nd June six of nine volunteers due long-service awards at the Holmbush shop were presented with their badges and certificates by Finance Director, Graham Clarke who said; “It’s wonderful to have this opportunity to say thank you to you all. By my reckoning you’ve collectively given us 75 years of volunteering and this is phenomenal. You are at the heart of what we do and we need you.”


The picture above is of the volunteers at the Holmbush presentation (from left to right) Sheila Adams, Jo Westmore (Shop Manager), Clifford Penrose, Margaret Penrose, Graham Clarke (Finance Director), Janette Coombe, Hannah Coombe and Jackie Haywood.

Margaret Penrose is one of the volunteers; “15 years ago I went in to the shop for a book and came out a volunteer. I do four afternoons a week and I love it, meeting people and helping my community.” Margaret has been married to Clifford for 50 years and now he volunteers at the Holmbush shop too; “I like to repair things that are donated to the shop but are damaged, like statues and model boats and I’ve turned my garage into a workshop so I can work quietly on them in my own time.”

Janette Coombe volunteered when her paid work became part-time and she wanted something else to do; “It’s a bit like therapy for me. I enjoy the fun we have, the banter and the chat over a cuppa. I don’t need to think too much but there’s lots of jobs to do and I know we’re helping to make a difference.”

The Holmbush recipients included Sheila Adams, Clifford Penrose, Margaret Penrose, Janette Coombe, Hannah Coombe, Jackie Haywood, Glen Wood, Rowena Kelly and Linda Hack.

Jo Westmore is the Shop Manager at Holmbush and is full of praise for all her volunteers; “They’re enormously helpful to me and I’d be lost without them. They’re a great team who do so much in the shop and that in turn supports me.”

St Austell town centre charity shop

Today (Friday 4th June) long-service awards were presented to two of the volunteers at Cornwall Hospice Care’s St Austell town centre charity shop. Pat Sperritt has volunteered for 10 years having reacted to a notice in the current shop window when it first opened; “I came straight in and asked about volunteering and have been involved ever since. I’d seen the support provided by Mount Edgcumbe Hospice at first hand so wanted to help and I really enjoy it.”

June Dyer was recognised for her five years as a volunteer; “I’d worked for another charity for eleven years and when they closed down a friend who was already involved with the Cornwall Hospice Care shop, invited me to join her. I love it! I’m a widow so if the Manager is short of volunteers, I can come in with little or no notice and because it was something I did without my husband, I feel comfortable here as there are no joint memories. The other volunteers are like family to me.”

Presenting the awards was Jane Stubberfield, a volunteer Trustee at Cornwall Hospice Care, who said; “I’m also a volunteer at Mount Edgcumbe Hospice and for our Community Services team. It’s important that you, our precious volunteers, understand that it’s because of you working to help raise the funds in our shops, that we can provide our care free of charge. Thank you.”

Tracey Preston is the Shop Manager; “All my volunteers are great. I look after them and they in turn look after me, the shop and our customers.”

Also receiving awards, but not present today, are Wendy Batchelor and Helen Szego, each for five years of voluntary support.

Pictured below at the St Austell Town Centre presentation (from left to right) Pat Sperritt, Jane Stubberfield (volunteer Trustee) and June Dyer.


Inspired by these amazing volunteers, why not join the team?