Included in the army of volunteers who support Cornwall Hospice Care is the Board of Trustees, all of whom give their time and expertise to guide and shape our charity. The 12-strong team includes Alan Brownscombe who will complete his time in the role at the end of this year. Here he writes about what bought him to the charity and why he’s found his voluntary role so rewarding;


“I have been a trustee of Cornwall Hospice Care for approaching nine years now and find the whole experience very rewarding, notwithstanding the responsibilities the role entails.

In 2010 I was nearing the culmination of 33 years with a Cornish firm of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors. I really enjoyed being a trusted advisor for a wide range of clients and businesses.

I knew I wanted to do some different things in my retirement that would still challenge me. There were no shortage of suggestions! The one that appealed to me the most around then was getting involved with Cornwall Hospice Care. I wanted to make the best use of all those years of financial knowledge and experience for the benefit of charities in the county where we had enjoyed living for so long. I knew of the great work this charity was doing so it was an easy choice.

It's great to be part of a large team

For me it has worked out to be a great decision. It is a big organisation with necessarily a large commercial element to raise funds. It has a committed executive team, but also a Board of Trustees with a very wide spectrum of experience. Learning about all the very different challenges the charity faces, the environment in which it operates and meeting a whole new range of interesting people has been very stimulating. I think it is really important to keep on learning and widening your horizons.

There are commitments and responsibilities, but these are shared and it is great to be a part of a large team working together towards the one aim of ensuring there is top quality end of life care and support available to all in Cornwall.

The sheer volume of change over the last nine years, both internal and external to the charity, has been a surprise, but then I am not sure why I might have expected it not to be so. On reflection that is one of the reasons that it has been so personally rewarding. I do feel my involvement has been helpful to varying degrees in addressing and anticipating some of those changes, particularly on the financial side.

What has also been uplifting is seeing the dedication of all the staff and volunteers (Trustees included) and also the tireless, selfless efforts of the diverse, huge band of people raising and donating funds to keep the charity doing what it does.”

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