It was the hardest period in the healthcare charity’s 40-year history and now Cornwall Hospice Care is publishing (on Monday 6th September) ‘Our resilience and revival’ explaining what happened when Covid-19 struck. In a detailed and moving account, the digital publication reviews the extraordinary issues the charity faced and the determined way in which its staff and volunteer teams fought back during the 2020/21 financial year.

Paul Brinsley is the charity’s Chief Executive; “Far from celebrating our Ruby Anniversary, we faced dark times.  Covid-19 forced us to close shops, stop our fundraising activities and concentrate on keeping our key workers safe and our hospices open 24/7 for those end of life patients who needed us. In this digital report we explain how we survived with the help of our staff and volunteers, the difference we made to the 404 patients we cared for in our hospices during 2020/21 and what our plans are going forwards.”


Pictured above on the front cover of ‘Our resilience and revival’ is Amanda Partridge who is a Healthcare Assistant at St Julia’s Hospice in Hayle.

Despite the enormous changes that had to happen to protect the staff, volunteers and patients at Mount Edgcumbe (St Austell) and St Julia’s (Hayle) Hospices, the care didn’t stop. One family wrote; “It was a difficult time, more so because of the restrictions due to Covid-19, but it was made bearable by the wonderful team at the hospice. You all have to deal with an incredibly difficult time for patients and families but we are in awe of your compassion, professionalism and kindness.”

I'm proud of all my lovely colleagues

The digital report also features Senior Staff Nurse Claire Collings (pictured above); “Having a sense of humour through the darkest of times was of great benefit and kept me grounded. We had to get on with life as the patients and their families still needed us as they faced the hardest journey of all, with possible loss and bereavement. I’m proud to be part of our hospice care and I’m proud of all my lovely colleagues. Covid-19 still continues to be part of our daily lives but we strive to provide excellent care and long may this continue.”

Paul Brinsley (pictured below) again; “Our income generating activities have been severely hampered but we’ve made it through and we’re getting back on our feet. Our shops are open and we’re seeing face to face fundraising activities get underway. But we still need to be prudent so we’re saving money by sharing a digital version of ‘Our resilience and revival’ rather than printing copies and sending them out by post.”


‘Our resilience and revival’ the story of our charity’s most challenging year.