I followed a customer in through the door and was greeted by shop volunteer Linda. Jim, the shop manager and only employee at Hayle Community Shop came through to shop floor to welcome me to Hayle Community Shop.

Jim told me to get my camera ready as he was about to present Linda with her birthday card for Friday and as she’s reaching a milestone 70 he’s got her birthday flowers too.


Pictured: Jim presenting flowers to Linda as Faye watches.

With my coat hung up I got stuck into sorting the clothing donations with volunteer Sharon. I’m experienced with this now after my day at our Camelford shop so confidently put clothes in for clearance, rags and quality donations to one side for the shop floor. For the first time I’m allowed to use the tagging gun, and after 3 warnings to watch my fingers on the needle I successfully tagged my first item.

Confident with tagging I stay doing this with Sharon for a couple of hours, stopping occasionally as customers pop their heads in to say hello to Jim and donate items. Volunteer Faye who has been at the till with Linda comes in to do the tea round.

In the afternoon Linda and Faye head home and a new wave of volunteers come in to start their shift. Sharon is staying until 3pm before she heads to her job at Home Bargains. I say hello to Bunty, Lindy, Joy and Jackie!

Bunty heads to the till and Lindy, Joy, Jackie and Sharon (pictured right) become cogs in a sorting machine, running on tea and laughter. The four volunteers shared stories and giggles whilst steaming, tagging, sorting and rotating stock.

With the others busily sorting I get out of the way by going to the changing room to try on clothes for the #TwentyPoundChallenge.

This time I resisted but it was hard when the boots were only £6.00, the dress £5.00 and the cardigan £4.50 – this whole outfit for just £15.50! 


With the challenge completed I said my goodbyes to the Hayle team, hoping I can come back again. These amazing volunteers give their time every week, year after year to help fund the care we provide at Cornwall Hospice Care. I’m in awe of their commitment to our cause and, along with everyone else at Cornwall Hospice Care, I really value and am inspired by our volunteers.

``I really value and am inspired by our volunteers.``