Consent and The Mental Capacity Act within Advance Care Planning.

On the 20th of February I and two other trained nurses attended a conference in Taunton. Its title alone indicated a very relevant day for Cornwall Hospice Care to help and support us with care of our patients.

To be honest though, we thought it was going to be a very heavy day with lots of information that would be quite taxing, how wrong we were!! It was fantastic!! Probably one of the most dynamic and informative study days we have attended. From start to finish it was brilliantly presented.

Lead by Steven Richards (specialist advisor for the Care Quality Commission) and Aasya F Mughal (a Barrister and Director of EDGE Training and Consultancy), the conference aim was to provide essential information and the latest case law on consent and the mental capacity act in relation to advanced care planning, especially designed to focus on its impact on end of life care.

In-depth information along with case studies in relation to consent, mental capacity and advanced care planning was superbly explored and the legal paperwork that should be running parallel to the care and treatment we give to ensure that all areas of consent have been have been covered for all episodes of care that we give and if that person is unable to give that consent , this has been recognised and appropriate measures are done to safeguard that individual, through mental capacity assessments and best interest assessments.

By the end of the day we had a greater understanding of the roles and procedures of the mental capacity act. The speakers ensured we had up to date case law exposure and how working practices will be affected by using the act. Lastly they discussed how the act and advanced care planning is connected.

We came away from the day with enthusiasm, confidence and more clarity. We had access to the current legal documentation required to incorporate into individual’s care plans and appropriate wall charts that we can obtain to display and guide our team.

I would like to thank Deb Thomas and her Education team for sourcing and obtaining places for us on this brilliant day.