Hospice care is for everyone and that’s important to Cornwall Hospice Care’s Chief Executive, Paul Brinsley who’s written this blog for Hospice Care Week 2020:

I’m often asked what’s special about hospice care as opposed to care provided in other health settings. Our Hospice Care Week campaign highlights that it’s not only about the specialist highly skilled nursing and medical care, it’s also about time, time to listen, time to care. For me it’s also about having time to value people without distinction or discrimination, no matter what their background but just to be valued for who they are.


The picture above is of the Hospice team at St Julia’s Hospice in Hayle.

Sometimes there are accusations that hospice care is only for the favoured few. I believe that’s far from the truth. For a start, our hospice care is provided free of charge, ensuring we are there for all who need us. Put simply, we’re there for terminally ill people and sadly terminal illnesses can affect anyone. Of course, we can’t always practically accommodate everyone, I was so pleased that we were able to increase our beds last year and now have a minimum 10 beds at both St Julia’s and Mount Edgcumbe. We also provide advice and support to our colleagues in the NHS so patients can get help wherever they are.

Hospice Care is about love too, and compassion. Our nursing teams offer this day in and day out to each and every patient that comes through the doors of our two hospices. The sheer level of care is extraordinary and all-encompassing and I salute every one of the many key workers it takes on our front line to provide the extraordinary care we offer. Thanks to our doctors, nurses, therapists, housekeepers, chefs, volunteers, maintenance teams and administrators, we create a non-judgemental and non-discriminate haven where families can find the space and time to be together.

Continuity of care

If you think you need hospice care you can be referred to us by any of the key healthcare workers involved in your care, but always in liaison with your GP or hospital consultant. This is so we can ensure continuity and co-ordination of your care. Most patients come in to our hospices because they’re having a difficult time with particular symptoms or the overall impact of their illness. You can contact us direct, but we will always refer back to your GP or consultant.

Think you or a loved one might need hospice care?