Help and support for carers

At Cornwall Hospice Care we understand that a loved one being diagnosed with a terminal illness is overwhelming and life changing. There are so many questions to ask and practical issues to deal with.  Add to that the current pandemic and it’s extremely worrying.

We recognise that being a full time carer to a loved one with terminal illness has many emotional and physical challenges and want to be here to help.

As part of Carers Week 2020 we want to ensure you know how to access our virtual Community Services and self help videos and relaxation sessions. 

Despite our face-to-face Community Services being on hold, we’re still here to help and you can contact us on 01726 829874 for support and guidance.


Caring can be a hugely rewarding experience but carers often find it challenging to take care of their own wellbeing whilst caring. Its impact on all aspects of life from relationships and health to finances and work should not be underestimated. Caring without the right information and support can be tough.

For Carers Week 2020, the theme is ‘making caring visible’. There are 6.5 million people in the UK who are carers. They will be looking after a family member or friend who has a disability, mental or physical illness, or who needs extra help as they grow older.

Everyone has a part to play in connecting carers and helping them to get the support they need to care without putting off their own health needs or losing important relationships with others.  We are here to help by supporting and signposting carers of those living with terminal illnesses.

Connected to advice and information

Connected to services

Connected to friends and family

Connected to others, including carers

Connected to technology

``You’ve got to stay positive, you’ve got to take the best out of each day and you’ve still got to have a laugh and a joke and put the serious things to one side now and then. It’s that that helps you survive through this journey.``

What help is there for carers? Find trusted sources of information and support here.