Neighbourhood Hubs

Our face to face hubs are currently closed due to Covid-19 but we are still able to offer you support by telephone or video call.

The aim of our charity is to make as much difference as we can to people who are coping with a terminal illness. The Neighbourhood Hubs allow us to take expertise, previously only available to our hospice patients, to others in the community much earlier in their disease.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are currently unable to see patients face to face as part of our Neighbourhood Hubs. However, we are still able to provide support and therapy over the telephone or by video call. Our Neighbourhood Hubs are free of charge.

In normal times, our Neighbourhood Hubs take place in a number of venues around Cornwall. Our Hubs help patients to understand their condition, learn how to self-manage some of their symptoms, to remain as independent as possible, maintain participation in meaningful activities and achieve realistic goals that add quality to life and improve function. We can also support patients to discuss what the future might bring and plan for this. The Neighbourhood Hubs provide Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy for patients who are living with a palliative/terminal illness or a deteriorating progressive disease. Occupational Therapy is also available for carers. Groups and workshops are currently being developed.

Patients and carers can be referred to the Neighbourhood Hubs by their GP or other healthcare professional, or can refer themselves directly. Call 01726 829874 for more information.

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