The Specialist Palliative Care teams within Cornwall (Cornwall Hospice Care, Specialist Community Palliative Care Nurses [SPCN - previously known as Macmillan nurses] and the Hospital Specialist Palliative Care team at RCHT) are working in a new integrated way to try and help all healthcare professionals provide good palliative care.

Our vision is to help provide the right care in the right setting at the right time for patients with malignant and non-malignant disease via the services represented in the table below:

What service?
How to access?
Inpatient admissions to hospices 24/7

Mount Edgcumbe - 01726 65711

St Julia’s - 01736 759070
24 hour telephone advice (with access to consultants) 24/7

01736 757707

Email advice for non-urgent enquiries 24/7 (response within 24 hours)
Review by SPCN in community

Weekdays 9-4.30pm; response within 2 working days of referral

Weekends 9-4.30pm (needs to be a phone-call)

Phone - Bodmin switchboard 01208 251300

Email -

Fax  - 01872 246948 
Inpatient review of patients in RCHT Weekdays 9-4.30pm; urgent (same day ) and non-urgent

Palliative Care secretaries – 01872 258305

Urgent – RCHT switchboard – bleep 3055
Domicilliary visits Weekdays 9-5pm; aim to visit within 48 hours of request if urgent, otherwise as appropriate for patient and referrer

Mount Edgcumbe - 01726 65711

St Julia’s - 01736 759070
Inpatient review of patients within community hospitals Weekdays 9-5pm; on same basis as domiciliary visits

Mount Edgcumbe - 01726 65711

St Julia’s - 01736 759070
Outpatient reviews within the hospice Weekdays 9-5pm; on same basis as domiciliary visits

Mount Edgcumbe - 01726 65711

St Julia’s - 01736 759070
Joint pain & palliative care clinics at RCHT (For patients with any palliative diagnosis and complex pain) Monday afternoon Via referrals management service (RMS) or by written referral from GP or hospital consultant. 
Please discuss with a Pain or Palliative Care Consultant if you are unsure whether or not a patient is appropriate for this clinic. 
Fax number - 01872253235 
Joint oncology & palliative care clinics at RCHT

Monday am (R Newman & M Collinson and T Talbot) Lung

Tuesday am (D Stevens & D Wheatley) Breast & Urology

Tuesday pm (C Campbell & T Talbot) Brain

Thursday am (J Gibbins & R Ellis) Upper & Lower GI & Urology

Respective oncology secretaries via RCHT switchboard
Day case procedures; blood transfusions & bisphosphonates Wednesdays 9-5pm

Mount Edgcumbe 01726 65711

Lymphoedema team at St Julia’s and Mount Edgcumbe

Lymphoedema at RCHT

Weekdays 9-5pm

Weekdays 8-4pm

Email –

Mount Edgcumbe - 01726 65711

St Julia’s - 01736 759070

RCHT - 01872252714

Community Specialist Palliative Care Physiotherapy team Weekdays 9-5pm

All referrals to go through Bodmin Switchboard: 01208 251300

Education sessions Will try and accommodate to needs

Mount Edgcumbe 01726 65711 (Bernie Blacklaw)

St Julia’s - 01736 759070 (Sue Penna)

Integrated services. Authors – Cornwall Hospice Care, Community Specialist Palliative Care Nurse Team, RCHT Specialist Palliative Care Team. July 2014. V1.