Graded Appliances - Exclusive to our Bodmin Furniture Shop

What are graded kitchen appliances?

Graded kitchen appliances, sometimes called B grade stock or factory seconds, are kitchen appliances that have been returned to the original supplier or manufacturer.  There are multiple reasons for kitchen appliances being returned and the most common is cosmetic damage or imperfections to the appliance.

Where do graded kitchen appliances come from?

Let’s say a customer orders a fridge from a well-known retailer, and when the item is delivered they notice that the side of the item has been damaged.

Mistakes happen and occasionally items pick up small dents and scratches during the delivery process.  Every customer is well within their rights to have a replacement sent out, and in most cases they will usually have their replacement within 48 hours.

When the customer receives their new replacement fridge, the one with the dented side is collected.  The vast majority of retailers won’t sell appliances with cosmetic imperfections; they are also unable to return them to the original manufacturers.  These returned appliances are essentially unused.  We take them in to prevent them from unnecessarily ending up in a landfill site.

Every item is fully tested by our team of trained engineers, signed off and given a 6 month warranty.  All our kitchen appliances are then displayed in our showroom.

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