Sorting out our Daniel’s Lane donation centre.

Sorting out our Daniel’s Lane donation centre; a message from Frazer Hopkins our Director of Income Generation (Thursday 9th May 2024).

Dear all,

If you’ve visited the donation centre area behind our furniture store in Holmbush, you’ll have noticed it’s changing. New walls have gone up and there’s been a lot of clearing out done.  Our ultimate aim is to create a more inviting workspace that also showcases what we do to those customers who kindly give us items to sell on.

At present we’re making preparations to move the sorting teams in to the area directly behind the donation point. Work has now been completed to ensure this part of the building is watertight and warmer in the winter. Creating a bigger sorting area means we can introduce more desks where people can go through the items donated to us.

The new area will be contained behind glass panels so those people handing in goods will be able to see what happens to them when it comes to sorting them ready for onward delivery to our shops. It’s a vital part of the process of running charity shops so why not be open and show off what happens?

This is an evolving project and there’s much more to come in terms of developing this area. We’ll be installing new doors at the donation point and better signposting those who arrive with donations, ensuring they see messages to highlight how important their gifts are to us.

As I say, this is an evolving project and it will take time to get everything done, so please bear with us and I’ll provide updates to keep you posted.

I’d like to end by thanking our staff and volunteers at the donation centre for their patience and understanding through this project.

Best wishes,

Frazer – Director of Income Generation

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