Sam's Story

Making a difference – the Cornwall Hospice Care Sister who loves her job

Sam Pleasants faces the stark reality of life limiting illnesses every working day but she wouldn’t swap the role that she calls ‘a really great job’. Sam is the Unit Manager/Sister at Cornwall Hospice Care’s St Julia’s Hospice in Hayle where she’s worked for the last 13 years. Today (Monday 5 January 2015) she features in the charity’s year long story telling project, which aims to help people understand the work of the two adult hospices in Cornwall.

“People are really quite worried and even frightened when they come to us and there’s a popular misconception that once in a hospice you never leave, which isn’t always the case”, says Sam who features in a special film shot at St Julia’s.  “Despite our best efforts people are often terrified to come here and pretty much we dispel any myths in about an hour of people arriving. We can’t make people better, but we can make them feel better and that’s all they need, that’s all they want, and it enables them to carry on a bit longer and sometimes achieve goals they need to meet, like seeing a daughter get married or enjoying a Chinese takeaway.”

“We have an attachment with all the patients on many different levels, but some more than others simply because they might strike a chord in your heart. They might remind you of your Gran or there could be someone the same age as you laying in the bed and for me it tends to be those patients that I’ll remember.  I know I do a good job and I know my team do a fantastic job and that helps you to walk away with your head held high thinking I did the best I could today.”

“People often ask me where I work and I say I’m a nurse and I work in the hospice and their face drops and they say that must be really hard but I say no way, it’s a really great job, I love it. We laugh with the patients and with each other. We do a really good job and we make a difference.

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